Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trish Ray k4ze Visits the Elites Bringing UFO’s!


It was so good hearing Trish on with the Elites last night. As far as I know, it has been a long time.

Received well by all the Elite regulars, Trish stayed and chatted for a little over an hour. Since she lives in Tennessee, she must have stayed up very late, or gotten up really early. She is another night person though…

I thought she added greatly to the Elites’ configuration. Hope she comes back often!

Here is an audio clip from Trish k4ze last night, for 3 full recordings, visit the Secret Page!


r. f. burns said...

Trish was in with the Little People for about an hour before going to 3830 to hang with the Elites. On another note, I really feel sorry for poor Asia having to stay with Carl and Sharon (while Art plays in Europe). I hope they do a better job with her than they did with Art's cat. I'm sure poor Airyn will be worried sick about her baby the entire time she is away. She should know by now it's not about her (or the baby), it's all about Art.

Billy said...

It sure was nice of Trish to write her retraction letter about me to the FCC, and it is just too bad that Art imposed upon her to write her original complaint. But that's what we've come to expect from the petty, vicious little man.

Anonymous said...

Billy, that Trish is no good for you. You can't trust her, look what she did to you on her website, she banned you from posting pornographic images! How awful of her!

As a trained legal professional you should file a lawsuit against her, it's the right thing to do since she showed no remorse implicating you in wrongful misdoings!

Anonymous said...'s the right thing to do since she showed no remorse implicating you in wrongful misdoings!

as opposed to correct misdoings.


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