Monday, March 31, 2008

HamFanz is 4 Years Old!!! is four years old today! And you said it would never last!

Actually, HamFanz has gone through several name changes during the years, but the 'mission' of the site, to bring Hams & SWL together is still its function. And the final nom de plume fits perfectly...

HamFanz REALLY began with the Yahoo Group, 3840 on April 20th 2003. The HamFanz Grudge Report made its debut as a blog on 8.6.05. But the .com site formally went up on 4.1.04, (April Fool's Day, of course!) so that is the 'date' formally celebrated!

Just for the fun of it, here is one of the first messages in

"Good Job Evvy, I just added a few things to it... This might be the place to go to if the "Main Site" in Utah has problems. I guess we can do a Conference Chat in here ???"


HamFanz was initially 'born' when Karen Larrimore w6asa (now w6zx), Patricia Ray (now k4ze), and I spent night after night in the MidnightHams Chat room. After being 'admonished' and 'kicked' several times, then banned, we started our own Yahoo Group, which at that time, had a chat also.

Now Trish has her ticket (and her music) and you don't hear her on air much anymore (she started as a SWL also). Karen has moved on to Charles, and is seldom on air (or at least on the frequencies Karen used to hang out on). And I am left doing HamFanz by myself.

And a BIG THANKS to all who have taken part, making the 'hobby' so MUCH more fun for all!!!

(A Special Thanks to Carl Richardson kb5fjx for desiging the HamFanz Logos!)

Oh My! What a ride it has been!

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r. f. burns said...

Are you going to do this again in a year from now? I mean it's not really a Grudge now, is it?


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