Monday, March 17, 2008

Just the Facts, Bill Crowell w6wbj and the FCC

There has been nothing less than stupid conjecture on the ‘chat’ boards (especially the newest one, artie's !) regarding w6wbj and his latest communication with the FCC.

Yes, the Enforcement Bureau is trying to refuse to answer any of w6wbj’s interrogatories, but there IS a difference between the Enforcement Bureau and the Administrative Law Judge.

The Bureau's refusal is not provided for by the FCC Rules for ALJ hearings. Those Rules contain nothing permitting the Bureau to file such a blanket objection.

Instead, the Bureau is supposed to answer the interrogatories to which they do not object, and state their precise reasons for objecting to each interrogatory they feel is objectionable. They did neither.

W6wbj has now filed a motion with the ALJ to compel them to answer on the ground that, in effect, by filing their blanket refusal, they failed to object at all, and that therefore they have waived the right to object.

As of this date, there has been no ruling on w6wbj’s motion from the ALJ.

This 'situation' just keeps getting more and more interesting!

Some interesting links about this subject:


Anonymous said...

Yawn....this subject has been beat to death so many times it's developed a life of it's own. Billy, nobody cares, get a life and do something worthwhile while you can still move. Start a garden, paint your trailer, get a dog, no get a lion, that will keep you very busy....and off the radio!

Anonymous said...

I must agree, this is just plain boring. I think Billy lost track
of what Ham Radio was a long time ago.

There is more in life billy, get some of it

Anonymous said...

Billy is doing this for all hams. What some do not understand is that Riley does not even play by the rules he has agreed to enforce.


r. f. burns said...

Billy is right about Riley being an incompetent bureaucrat just biding his time until retirement. I hope Billy reams them a new one. Of course this may be the end of Orv who seems to have faith in the FCC.

Anonymous said...

Why has the Judge's decision not been posted ?? It has been available for a week !! Billy got shot down on ALL COUNTS !!Maybe that is why it was held back !!

Billy said...

I guess when you've been stupid as hell, the best thing to do is just admit it and move on. I had a talk with a nice man on the FCC staff who told me what I was doing wrong with my papers. It seemed like a minor point to me, but it was a major point to the Commission. Needless to say, I re-filed the corrected papers. I won't make that mistake again.

Billy said...

My pre-hearing conference by speakerphone went well yesterday. Among other favorable developments, the ALJ ordered the Enforcement Bureau to answer all of my interrogatories. The judge also apologized to me for having said I filed my papers incorrectly, and stated that the Commission's mail system is "all screwed up", and that they have been trying unsuccessfully to "un-screw" it for years. The ALJ was very kind and polite to me, and seems like a nice person who is well-qualified by his legal background and temperament to preside over my case.

Anonymous said...

We don't care, Billy. Either you lose, and we forget about you, or you win, and people take it as carte blanche to cause havoc on the bands, and we will still hate you, except we will hate you even more. Do you really think the majority of hams will like you for this?

Go play with your cars.


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