Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Grinch w6obb, Strikes Again

And I use the term ‘strike’ in all it’s connotations!

Does Art Bell w6obb, have any idea of how mean, nasty, cruel, callous, niggardly, and yes, even malicious he appears when he does this kind of thing? Does he care? I think not.

Of course, I am speaking of artie getting angry because those that VOLUNTEERED to do the LateNiteHams site, (for the Elites) the chat posters, the call in phone patch, the hams on air, the callers themselves, etc did not do EXACTLY as artie wanted, so he shut everything down, again.

What a dichotomy! He wants fans, he wants an audience, he wants worshipers, and he wants everyone else to do the work for him.

Then when it does not turn out exactly as he perceives it should be, he figuratively busts everyone’s chops, takes his toys, and goes home…

Does he give a whit of thought to all the people who may be trying to log into the Pahrump Receiver? Or the Chat Room? Or the folks (many of them his so called ‘fans’) that may be trying to call into the ‘phone patch’? And after he has spent so much time ‘promoting’ it? Of course not!

If he cared at all about his ‘fans’, he would not pull this kind of sh**. If he cared about his Ham buddies that have worked so hard to put together what he wants; he would not pull this kind of sh**. Over and over and over…

Speaking of his Ham Buddies (Lord of the Loop Worshipers all, or those that are left), when are THEY going to tell him to take a hike, turn blue? Hopefully, the very next time artie wants them to ‘do’ something for him.

I have always respected Art Bell’s ‘performance’ ability in all its various ‘conceptions’; but he is sure making an ass of himself in his elderly years on Amateur Radio.

The IDEA of streaming audio, web site, chat room, and a phone patch for listeners to ‘interact’ with those transmitting is a great idea. An idea I wish other groups of hams would pick up on. Just look at the sheer number of participants!

As I have said repeatedly in this blog - specifically in reference to dxtuner and n7js online tuner - once you have an ‘audience’ i.e. folks depending on your ‘services’, you MUST bear some responsibility on not only how it is run, but give grave consideration to those USING the service, (giving them decent notice and options, if possible) before shutting it down.

I do not think a ‘temper tantrum’ as artie routinely has, and acts on, qualifies.

However, these artie ‘tantrums’ do qualify him to be called the Grinch, mean, nasty, cruel, callous, niggardly, egomaniacal, extremely vindictive, malicious and yes, even worse.

Artie, if you want to ‘fix’ this, PAY an experienced webmaster, buy Chat software, & PAY someone else to run it. Write up job descriptions for these jobs, then hand it over and LEAVE IT ALONE. Find a Ham that is qualified, needs some extra money, get him/her the necessary equipment, train them, and pay them to do the phone patch!

Or, if you really want it done ‘right’, DO IT YOURSELF.

I am just sorry that the Elites are the only ‘full featured’ group on Amateur Radio, as I am sure another group could do it better, and with less grief!


Santa Claus said...

I'm sorry to report that Art Bell has been removed from my list for Christmas 2008. The Grinch on the otherhand continues to soil himself each time he reads of Bell's temper tantrums.

Gene, Santa has an extra special gift for you this year.



Anonymous said...

Hey Evvy,

I see you decided not to post my comment's. That is fine, the problem for you is that I have the email's from Sawyer to prove the truth and make you look like the damn fool you are. Be sure I will do so.

You should call it Evvy's yellow page.

Art Bell

evvy garrett said...

anon 'art bell' said:

>>>I see you decided not to post my comment's

Since this article was just posted less than 24 hours ago, AND I have only received TWO comments (including this one); I think Mr. Bell either has his head up his a**, or does not know how to post comments to a blog...

evvy garrett said...

PS It occurs to me that 'art bell' may be referring to being BANNED from many www.hamfanz pages (chat etc) because he was slamming this month's poll!

Hmmm, I didn't get either an acknowledgement nor an apology or he would be unbanned...

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should wonder how I am
posting to a site I am banned from.

I don't think you have the "balls" to post the truth, however if you do then post this, I
not only did not pressure Sawyer to pull the site, I pressured him to keep it up after he had said he had enough. That kept it up for a few days. Then HE sent me a email
saying he was taking it down because of a insult on the chat board against a female poster. We are in the process of putting together a new site which will require passwords and REAL NAMES.

So, that is the truth and I have the email's to prove it which I will only publish with Sawyer's ok. I told him they would remain private. As for you Evvy I don't
think the TRUTH ever mattered to you, did it?

Where do you get your gossip anyway?

Art Bell (Real Name)

evvy garrett said...

anon (art bell) posted:

>>>Perhaps you should wonder how I am
posting to a site I am banned from.

Because you are not banned from The HamFanz Grudge Report.

You are banned from the polls page because you 'slammed' it.

And since you have not acknowledged nor said a mea culpa, you will remained banned from that page.

>>>Where do you get your gossip anyway?

I have a lot of 'sources', including your group of friends.

Too bad you banned me from your Windows Messenger, and threatened me if I 'ever emailed you again'. Otherwise, YOU could be a source!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Art Bell in his later years on Viagra. Oh my, Artie might threaten to 'See ya soon."

Oh My!!!


Anonymous said...

""" We are in the process of putting together a new site which will require passwords and REAL NAMES."""

This is all over again. Artie-poo gets angry and runs away creating a heavily moderated site that eventually fails simply due to CENSORSHIP. Only posts that meet with approval are ever seen and the site quickly becomes very boring.

Billy said...

Did you notice how, on the chat board today, Greg stated that Art threatened to "cap" him (I think that means to shoot somebody) if he wrote a new "Airstream Chronicles"-type expose. Art is obviously very upset. I wonder if that is because Greg may write of previously-undisclosed information concerning Ramona? I don't see any other reason why he would so upset as to threaten Greg's life.

evvy garrett said...

anon said
>>>""" We are in the process of putting together a new site which will require passwords and REAL NAMES."""

My questions would be why reinvent the wheel? It's called!

Anonymous said...

Art must be off his medication again. What sane person would call somebody on a telephone and threaten to 'cap' them?

Billy said...

anonymous, I agree with you that no sane person would call someone up and threaten them that way, but let me give you an example of how Artie "thinks":

Remember, this is the guy who organized a letter-writing campaign to make me lose my license, and he's the reason my renewal was blocked. Yet, after having done this, he had the audacity and effrontery to call me up and pressure me to support him, Greg and Jim in their vendetta against Steve! He acted like I should do this in order to remain in his good graces! I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I just told him to go away and leave me alone.

I think the guy is crazy, and I don't want to talk to him anymore. And can you just IMAGINE what poor Airyn must be thinking of Art's erratic behavior? Well, you know what they say: marry in haste, repent in leisure.


Gladys Frumpborough said...

I, for one, have not forgotten the Hale-Bopp uplink fiasco, Mr. Bell. So, take that to your high desert trailer house, ya hear? Ah-ha! All the mass marketing in the world isn't going to help me buy into this pizza byproduct franchise. What were you thinking, anyhow? Rogers Cadenhead and Steve Wingate are my heroes. Mm-kay?

Gene said...

Yes Billy dear, you are right, that Art Bell is responsible for every thing that is wrong in your life. No need to take responsibility for your own actions simply because it was never your fault! You are a victim of of society, used, abused and never given the respect you so rightly deserve!

And shame on you Art Bell! How could you ever do this to poor Billy? What were you thinking sir? Have you no morals?

Well, that's it, I'm done with Ham Radio, this is no longer fun for me...


Anonymous said...

"Niggardly"? Evvy, you are a rasist bitch.

Anonymous said...

"Art must be off his medication again. What sane person would call somebody on a telephone and threaten to 'cap' them?"

That is indeed true. But of all people, Greg Sousa indeed deserves to be 'capped', and Art Bell, the murd*r he appears to be, would be the one to do it. Take care, Artie. Since you are apparently dieing of lung cancer, you can get away with just about anything.

BTW, if something happens to me, suspect Artie or Greg. That's what I am telling my sister, who will start an immediate investigation upon my death.

Take care you guys with too much testosterone.


Gladys Frumpborough said...

Chowderheads, mach schnell! Herr Wingate makes a valid point. You "hams" have yet to realize that E.D. meds are, in fact, highly addictive controlled substances! The underlying cause of all the rage, anger and poll-slamming from the high desert is Viagra-Enhanced Arch Belle Syndrome (VEABS). Now, use that in a sentence a few times. When will you kids ever learn? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I have decided that Art Bell
is responsible for Global Warming, he has caused both Billy and Stevie to go crazy, he directs George Bush to go to War and has driven poor Evvy to go mad. His evil is why the World is going wrong, and when it finally ends,clearly it will be Art Bell's FAULT!

Anonymous said...

I have now informed my Sister that if anything happens to me it will be Wingate who should be investigated. He has stalked me now for years. I have this feeling based on his all consuming interest in all that I do, that while he whiles away the hours in the pokie he will be plotting my demise. He has admitted on several occasions that he killed Ramona with just the power of ( what is left) of his mind! Such a power is
not to be trifled with. I am sure he credits himself with the Cancer he now thinks eats away at my vital organs. (That would make me his second victom).

I have sent Evvy the email's that prove it was Sawyer who decided to "kill" his own chat room, however I understand it does not make as good a story as the one now Grudging, oh well I am used to being the root cause of all evil.

Art Bell (W6OBB)

evvy garrett said...

anon (w6obb) said:
>>>I have sent Evvy the email's that prove it was Sawyer who decided to "kill" his own chat room, however I understand it does not make as good a story as the one now Grudging, oh well I am used to being the root cause of all evil.

I don't care if you sent me info from Dr. Steven Greer proving that the moon was made of cheese 55 hours ago. Which is when you emailed me (for the first time in almost 4 yrs).

1) I have been busy the last 55 hours; the monthly update of the site, a new Grudge Report, the uploading of recordings to the Secret Page,other HamFanz tasks, and Life.

2) Unlike you, I have no employees.

3) Researching stories, interviews, contacting sources, sometimes take time.

4) Just because YOU think it is material for a Grudge Report (and it may be), does not mean that it will prove to be so. More than likely this info will end up part of a more comprehensive article.

5) The more you try to manipulate me via email and these comments, the more I am likely to dig in my heels.

6) It will happen when it happens.

Anonymous said...

I understand Evvy, you are simply
to busy to be bothered with the truth. Sorry I asked, I will not
bother you again.


Anonymous said...

Now is that the "real art" or the fake art? Any how many 'Billy's' are there now?

And why is this pic so funny yet so wrong that Steve will not do anything to have it removed?

I was confused the first time I came here, now I'm don't even know what my real name is anymore...

And Art, I hope the rumors of you having lung cancer are false, I just lost my significant other to lung cancer last month. Hang in there buddy.


Billy said...

This must be a new low for Art: harassing a poor, sick woman. I didn't think he could sink any lower, but I was wrong. Hope you're proud of yourself, Artie, you big, tough guy!

Billy said...

"Now is that the "real art" or the fake art?"

It has got to be the real Art due to all the misspellings and incorrect plurals.

"Any how many 'Billy's' are there now?"

I am aware of only one: me.

"And why is this pic so funny yet so wrong that Steve will not do anything to have it removed?"

What do you mean, "will not do anything to have it removed"? He could remove it if he wished to. Have you considered the possibility that maybe he just believes in free speech?

Anonymous said...

How would Steve remove it if he wanted to?

Are you sure there is only one Billy? So far I've counted four. Which one are you?

Where does light go?

General Johnson Jameson said...

Billy can't come to the chat box right now, he's busy preparing for his big day in court. It's important that Billy is victorious because if he's not, ham radio is doomed.

Personally I could care less as it's numbers continue to shrink, equipment sales sag and general interest fade away. Getting a license to operate requires no more then being able to pass a 3rd grade spelling test.

Go get em' Billy, save ham radio!

General Johnson Jameson


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