Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Elites are Back

Last night, after almost two weeks of ‘group’ silence, the Elites, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Art Bell w6obb, Scott Barris k7mix, Jim Watkins ki6gu, (sans Greg Sousa w6ezv) returned to the air.

After ‘leaking’ to the chat boards where they would be, sure enough, the Elites appeared on 3.807 after midnight.

Though both kd7bcw, and w6ezv have been heard, not together, on different frequencies in the last couple of weeks, and artie was on briefly with the Little Peeps a couple of nights ago, mainly, they have been quiet. This uncharacteristic ‘silence’, which spilled over to the Ham sites and chat rooms, promoted wild conjecture and supposition among Hams & SWL’s.

When in reality it was probably just another ‘split’, or a clash of egos. Rumor has it that there was a big blow up, with Sousa w6ezv being the instigator.

The Elites tried to pick up where they left off, rather unsuccessfully, their return boring and anticlimactic.

While they were off air, life went on; there was some terrific listening on The Short Attention Span Network, and even Glen Thurman’s kn6z, description of his upcoming vacation on the Little Peeps was more interesting than the secretive antics of the Elites!

By eliminating anyone interesting from their ranks, the Elites have reduced themselves to a little clique of predictable ‘worshipers of the loop’ (artie).

This audio clip is from the first on air minutes of 3.807 last night. The full audios will be uploaded to The HamFanz Secret Page.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Bell's apparent cancer issue is significantly reducing his on-air time. I hope him well if he truly is sick, cancer is such an awful disease. I lost my Uncle and my little dog to cancer last year.


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