Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Little Peeps

I am so glad that I listened to a couple of hours of sanity (often boring but usually sane) before the Elite's meltdown last Friday night. Actually I listen to The Peeps fairly often.

For the past few months, I've been calling the group of Hams that gather now on 3.688, 'The Little Peeps'. I have even been naming their recordings peeps1, peeps2, etc.

I've always disliked their name 'Little People' forced on them by another Ham in a derogatory manner. And for some reason, to me, it also seemed associated with real 'Little People', those of short statue. And therefore, NOT theirs to use...

I was always surprised that they 'took' it as their own, have suggested on several occasions that they choose a more appropriate name. They have not.

So, I have found the perfect name for them! 'The Little Peeps'.

Why you may ask? Well in past years 'peeps' has come to mean people, friends, close pals ( ).

But also because of the ORIGINAL PEEPS ( ). The candy! The common, soft, sweet, pliable. many shaped, many colored, sugar coated, marshmallow concoction that almost everyone loves.

I have been planning for awhile now to announce this name change (a 'vanity' group name, if you will) during this very Easter Season. So despite Glen Thurman kn6z, being on vacation, and the antics of the Elites, (Which the HamFanz Grudge Report also named), here is the BIG announcement....The Little People are now 'The Little Peeps'. (Could there be a better, more descriptive name? I think not!)


Anonymous said...

The connotation I have with 'peeps' is someone looking into my windows at night. I close my blinds.

Billy said...

I've always wanted to get my Amateur Extra license so I could talk to the Little Peeps, but I'm just not smart enough.

r. f. burns said...

Although the bestower intended the name Little People to be derogatory, the Little People understand the true meaning. Those hams whose ego (sense of self importance)is not completely blow out of proportion to the point of comedy. After all, listeners tune in to the "Elites" to hear comedy. It's funny to hear grown men behaving like children. The Little People on the other hand are simply hams having ham radio conversations. They are not trying to entertain anyone. If they sometimes seem boring, tune up the band to hear to jealous men fighting over Art Bell (a minor has been celebrity).

Anonymous said...

Art Bell is a dispicable human being yet everybody talks about and listens to him. Why?

And Evvy further propels Art up the ladder of popularity by devoting hours of her time to a website all about him.

I just don't get it... What is wrong with you people? Do you not have a life?

I sure don't, guess I'm doomed to be a Art Flunkie looser too...

Anonymous said...

The only peeping I'd like to do is at Becky Zed's tits.


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