Friday, March 09, 2007

Steve Wingate w6txh, With Friends Like This...

It would seem that unlike a rolling stone, Steve Wingate w6txh is gathering an ever-wider group of outright enemies. Apparently, these are folks he has ‘jammed’ one time too many, or perhaps just people that cannot stand drunks.

At any rate, early last night on 3.740 a HAM was emailing pictures of Steve’s House in Eureka California to all that wanted them. He did this so any who were interested could easily find the place, the antenna wires, etc.

Not that this has not been done before, a couple of years ago on 3.840, HAMS not only gave out Steve’s address, but his private telephone number. No doubt, Steve suffered much harassment because of this. (He now, wisely, lists a P.O. Box on QRZ.) Still he did not see the light.

A vigilante approach to Steve Wingate will not work; it has not worked in the past and will not work now. When people take the law into their own hands, the least that will happen is that the vigilante will end up with dirty hands, not to mention court dates!

I can understand the frustration behind such actions. People have been, impotently, filing multiple complaints with the FCC for years. They have tried reasoning with Steve, ignoring him, befriending him, cajoling him, then moving to other frequencies, ad nauseam. However, the bottom line is that two wrongs never makes a ‘right’,

You can find some short clips of this at:


Bill said...

Look, we just need to grow up and admit that what Steve is doing is NOT prohibited by Part 97, and that it is at least as interesting as 95% of the QSOs you hear on the ham bands, so where does anyone get off judging Steve's operations? I don't really see what the problem is. I find Steve's rants fairly interesting, in a stream-of-consciousnes way. Try listening harder.

Freddie said...

Steve is more interesting than 99% of the QSO. The other hams are jealous of Steve.


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