Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Scott Baris n6edv, Green Eggs & HAMS

Early on Friday evening, March 2, on 3.850 (because of contesting on 3.840), two Misfit HAMS, both married and without children as far as I know, ended up talking to a group of youngsters in Wyoming who were on a campout.

The kids took turns on the radio, and were polite if too soft spoken. Some seemed bored with the whole thing, but others seemed awed. Future HAMS all...

Scott Baris soon got ‘Cindy’ his wife on the radio to talk to the kidlets, and he wandered away to do something else. By the way, Cindy has a nice a voice and attitude, to match that body we have all seen so many pictures of over the years. Jim Southwick stuck it out for the duration.

Though the Wyoming Station was at times difficult, if not impossible to hear, the resulting QSO was fun, uplifting, and entertaining.

You can find an unedited recording at:


Scott said...

What's the point of this Grudge Report? A lot less compliments and a little more bitching would be appreciated. If I wanted boredom I would listen to George Noory. Why does every damn thing with Noory have to involve a time machine?

Bill said...

This is exactly the kind of thing for which I have been training my cadre of A-1 OperaTORS! But I'll tell you a story about how a more typical ham, an old codger named Corey Cook, K6ACY, handled the Boy Scouts when he heard them on their campout, using a special-event 1X1 callsign. He thought their call was phony, and that they were bootleggers who had stolen their dad's ham radio transceiver, and he jammed the hell out of them! Now there's a REAL A-1 OperaTOR!


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