Monday, March 12, 2007

Art Bell’s w6obb, Lifetime Achievement Award

You would think that a 61-year-old man that has worked in broadcasting most of his adult life, and had been involved in Amateur Radio since his early teens, could come up with a better acceptance speech than what he did! This man of words had no new ones yesterday! In fact, I do not believe he gave this ‘acceptance speech’ ANY thought at all. He sounded old, shook up, uncomfortable, and unprepared.

He briefly related the same old story we have all heard for months and years; including the loss of ‘the love of his life, Ramona’, and the ‘new woman’ in his life (don’t you think Airyn Ruiz Bell is tired of hearing that?). He told the gathered big wigs about ‘Asia’; how and where she was conceived, and when her birth was expected. As expected, he did not mention his adult son nor his mother (people he SHOULD have thanked!).

There were two surprises. The first being that right out of the gate, artie mentioned ‘The Little People’ (Wow, he really IS trying to gather in his ‘Cult of the Loop’ loopies around him!), and then tried to cover up what he meant by the term. The second surprise was that he was taking Airyn to Disneyland right after the luncheon - cannot think of a more fitting place for either of them, just where they both belong, with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Tinkerbell!

I did make a recording of Art Bell’s Lifetime Achievement Acceptance Speech (from what organization???). Since it is material from Coast-to-Coast AM, therefore proprietary stuff, I can not post it. I also have copies of the ‘award ceremony’ pictures that were posted on the Coast-to-Coast AM web site, but it is a ditto on the proprietary thingeee there also. (Artie is just waiting for some reason to sick his lawyers on moi!).
If perchance, you missed both the ‘speech’ and the pictures, or even the 'award lunch' itself, I don't think you have not missed anything of interest or import...

(btw, the pic above is a 'spoof' from July 2004


barvetta said...

How true Evvy. His speech was old tripe that he has been saying over and over. He was ill prepared and again he insulted his present wife by saying what he did about Ramona. And the comment about the Little People was a insult to anyone who works for his network or his listeners. I wonder how they felt being called Little People. I guess thats what he thinks of everyone. The minimal applause i think said alot. He has hurt alot of feelings I feel with that stupid remark.

Freddie said...

I think what Art meant to say was "Stupid People". You know most of his listeners believe in space aliens visiting earth, flying saucers from outer space, glass structures on the moon, remote viewing, ghosts, and time machines.

I feel Art was actually quite generous in referring to his listeners as Little People. They do have little brains so perhaps that's what he meant. Can't fault him for speaking the truth.

Oh, and if you think that Art gives a crap that he insulted his listeners, you'd be wrong. He knows they are stupid fools who will believe anything.


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