Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Art Bell w60bb, More on the ‘Acceptance Speech’

I have now had the chance to listen to this several times. And I have some further observations.

The entire event, introduction, presentation, and ‘acceptance speech’ lasted about 13 minutes and 45 seconds. Of that time, Noory’s intro and the actual ‘presentation’ took up 6 minutes and 45 seconds. Artie spoke less than 6.7 minutes. Obviously, this entire thing was ‘crafted’ to give Noory and Bell equal time!

The ‘Little People’ remark; I cannot believe that he actually thanked ‘Bonnie’ (I assume, artie’s good buddy kq6xa.) for that ‘joke’ that fell like a rock in a lake. I cannot believe he took her suggestion to use it. Obviously, artie has lost his ‘subtle’ humor talents, if he ever had them! Are the 'Little People' supposed to be overjoyed with the fact that artie linked them to grays, the so called 'aliens that arrive in UFO's to abduct people and mutilate animals? Somehow, unless they are 'very little of mind', I think not.

The ‘Ramona, love of my life’ remark; this may very well be true. When is he going to stop beating us all over the head with his so-called grief? As far as I am concerned, any sympathy he deserved following Ramona’s untimely and mysterious death, came to an abrupt stop the minute he contacted Airyn Ruiz on the internet.

The ‘new woman’ remark; at the opening of his ‘speech’ his specific comment was, “And I found this wonderful new woman, seated right down there.” (New Woman? New Woman!!! ) What an insensitive, uncaring, and sexist comment. If he had a new transceiver, he would sure as hell mention the name! It would seem artie can trade-out women like some do cars or houses. He does not even sense that there is something basic, deep down, wrong with this. He did, at the end of his ‘speech’ mention that he was going to take his NEW WIFE (ditto all the above comments), Airyn (pronouncing it as HE prefers to pronounce it), and the expected child, Asia, to Disneyland.

At this point, I do not even know how Art Bell w6obb, can stand himself...
Within hours of posting the above, I saw a television ad for Disneyland promoting a ‘two for one’ deal. Tell me artie is not THAT cheap! This advertisement also made note of the fact that the park had opened in 1955.

My mind then made the leap to wondering how many times artie had gone to Disneyland between 1955, when the park opened and artie was 10 yrs old, till artie turned 39 in 1984 when Airyn Ruiz was born. Yuk! What a sick old man...

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