Monday, March 19, 2007

Art Bell’s w6obb, Pizza Punch

Last Saturday night on Coast-to-Coast AM, the very first thing artie did was to announce his new business venture, Art Bell’s Pizza Punch. You can find this stuff for sale at: (which by the way keeps ‘crashing’).

The new site for this venture looks like someone that has never built a web site before put it together with a WSIWYG editor. It definitely has an ‘amateurish’ feel and look. The colors are poor and ‘dated’. The clip art of a microphone and a UFO certainly perpetuates the Art Bell myths artie liked to perpetuate, and feeds (no pun intended!) the Art Bell crowd.

Apparently, Art Bell feels that he needs to have an additional income, if so; it is too bad he picked this particular business venture to back, partner with, or whatever. (I wonder if Pizza Punch is going to be another Bonnie Crystal kq6xa, venture; one of his so-called friends talking him into investing oodles into some barely viable enterprise.)

You can walk into any good Pizza or Sub Sandwich Shop and find a shaker bottle of seasoned Olive Oil to use on your food, not exactly a new or different idea! Perhaps Art Bell’s recent online sales venture just goes to prove how isolated from reality he is.

Anyone with half a brain would realize that they could buy their own, brand name, Olive Oil at any market and add their own seasonings for about $7.99 for a 19-ounce bottle, or about .47 cents per ounce. Art Bell’s Pizza Punch on the other hand, goes for $4.59 (+ shipping?) per 5-ounce bottle, or about .92 cents per ounce. How stupid does he think his fans are?

Art Bell’s Pizza Punch is actually produced by The Santa Barbara Olive Company (And this web site looks professionally made.) which seems to be owned by Craig Makela and his wife, Cindy. Why a California Company like this would want to associate with Art Bell, is beyond me, must be either a friend or fan of Mr. Bell, or in deep financial trouble and grasping at straws.

Then there are the Art Bell’s Pizza Punch accessories! Overpriced caps, T’s, and aprons! Perhaps he has the Filipino contingent of his ‘extended family’ making these in a back room type environment. Yep, bet that is it, artie needed something to keep the Ruiz women’s hands busy!

The Pizza Punch site is really all about Art Bell. He plays mercilessly on the death of his late wife Ramona throughout the site as a way to sell the product! Including stating that “We will be contributing a percentage of every sale to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, in Ramona’s name”; but at no place does it state exactly HOW MUCH will be donated, meaning that he could get away with ‘donating’ 1/10 of a penny for each sale. And his concern for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation is such that there is not even a link to their site!

Does the man have no morals or class whatsoever?

Want to hear what some of the 3.840 Hams think? Here is a (poor quality – sorry!) clip!

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Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

Evvy, one of Art's fans on FantasticForum who ordered one bottle of PizzaPunch said that the shipping and handling for the $4.59 bottle was $6.00! This is how a rip-off operation always works. We should have known that, coming from Art, it would be a bunch of bullshit and a rip-off.


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