Sunday, March 04, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Dirty Old Man

Last night on Coast-to-Coast AM, Art Bell announced that Airyn Ruiz Bell had just celebrated her 23rd Birthday. He posted this picture of a very pregnant Airyn Bell celebrating her 23rd Birthday at a ‘surprise’ party hosted by ‘Kathy’ (of KNYE management?), and other Pahrump residents (probably Paul Bowman w7mag, and his family, feeling sorry for Airyn being so far from home).

I am no mathematician, but this mean that Airyn had just turned 22 years old when Art married her, last summer. And that Airyn was just 21 when he started corresponding with her; just one year less than 40 years his junior!

This would probably make her younger than his only child (to date), his adult son, Art Bell Jr. Wonder what he thinks of this marriage created by cold hard cash and consummated in lust? After all, Art Bell Jr. who has apparently never gotten much of anything (including parenting) from his father stands to lose any future financial security that was rightfully due him.

Bell has lied repeatedly, on Coast-to-Coast AM, and via emails, forum messages, and apparently, phone calls to his ‘friends’ (What? He still has some?), telling all that Airyn was 25 when he ‘met’ her!

Art Bell is a liar and experienced manipulator. More proof of this is that during last night’s show, he was giving kudos to the Fantastic Forum! How many times over the years have we heard him put down, make fun of, negate the Fantastic Forum and other like groups and those that participate in them, on Short Wave Radio? (Guess this is the only place left for him to turn to for adulation.)

He is a despicable old (and not aging gracefully!) leach. A man who is trying to relive younger days through this inexperienced (in so many ways!) young woman, who had no choice but to go where the money was, both for herself and her relatives. Art Bell is a dirty old man, and has effectively proved that money corrupts, or at least that it corrupted him, and perhaps Airyn too.


Freddie said...

I mentioned a while ago that Arts's son was going to lose any money Art had once Bell passed away. I guess all Art Bell Jr. can hope for is another fatal asthma attack and then something similar for Bell Sr. before he goes robbing the cradle.

ME said...

You guys are just upset because he's getting laid by a hot young thing and you're probably married to 300 pound channel flippers. At least he had the decency to marry, rather than spend his millions on daily visits by Nevada prostitutes. Who cares if she's younger than him, she's old enough to make her own decisions, and so is he. Are you saying that because she's a pinay she has no sense?? That's damn racist! I get so damn sick of hearing people putting others down because they want to have a little fun and happiness in their lives, for whatever reason. Do you think he wants to marry a 60 year old woman? Hell no!! You won't either when you're his age, and if you have the money like him, you won't! Art's a smart guy. If he wants to leave something to his son, I guarantee you that was taken care of long ago. If not, he probably has his reasons, and whatever they are it's no business of yours. He's a man, not a God, so quit treating him like he's supposed to follow your moronic set of morals.

evvy garrett said...

ME said:
He's a man, not a God

Not only does this sound like artie talking about artie to me, but it was posted so long after original article. Hmmm...

Bill said...

But "Me", she's NOT a hot young thing, and you and Art seem to be the only ones who think so (like Evvy, I wonder if "Me" is really Art). She's a short little monkey-looking girl with big, fat lips and a big, wide nose. Art's problem was that he was in such a hurry to replace Ramona that he didn't shop around. With his bucks, he could have found himself a really BEAUTIFUL filipina. Screw-up that he is, however, he blew it again.


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