Thursday, March 01, 2007

Steve Wingate k6txh, and the FCC

For a number of YEARS, now, people have been complaining to the FCC about the ‘under the influence’ on air behavior of Steve Wingate.

For a while it even seemed that the FCC would take some kind of action, please see the FCC letter to Steve Wingate (half way down the page) at:

Note that the letter, dated 2.22.2006, gave Steve some specific steps to follow if he wished to avoid enforcement action against his license.

It is by now obvious that Steve Wingate did not comply with ANY of the requirements set forth in the letter. In fact, Steve has figuratively thumbed his nose at FCC officials (and the rest of us). Therefore, why is the FCC not taking action?

The question is, why should the public, who would not have to tolerate this type of behavior in the work place, school, church, civic groups, broadcast radio, television, movies, etc. be unwillingly exposed to it on short wave radio?

Steve Wingate would appear to be an out of control substance abuser. In the past year, Steve has totally ignored the terms suggested in the FCC letter, so that he could retain his license. It also would appear that he has not taken his problems seriously enough to do anything about them; I do not believe he has been in any type of ‘treatment program’.

This is sad, sad for him, sad for all who have to deal with him on air, whether they want to or not and, ditto for short wave listeners.

I cannot help but wonder if Steve would like his parents to hear all this crap, to see what their son has become? (Steve, if you do not want to see [hear] it on the front page of the morning paper, do not do it!)

Here are a few random audio clips of how far Steve has come in the past year:


Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

Evvy, why are you second-guessing the operating practices of an Extra-class licensee, when you don't even have an amateur license? The fact of the matter is that Steve Wingate operations do not violate Part 97, so you don't have the right to judge them. The reason Hollingsworth didn't pursue his earlier warning notice is that Steve stood up to him and told him in no uncertain terms that he is not going to let Hollingsworth dictate what operating practices are permissible; he is instead going to follow Part 97. If you don't like his operations, that's too bad; so change the law, but quit sniveling until you do.

barvetta said...

billy, your missing the point here.
you have to admit nutcase steve gets on the air drunk or on drugs and says things that are very unbecoming to the amateur service. you also have to admit mr riley told him to clean up his act or get off the air. why do you acknowledge this ? steve is a insult to ham radio. why do you defend his actions. he is one sick person and should not be allowed to transmit the things he does. he needs professional help.

Freddie said...

I'll tell you right now, I for one like listening to Steve. Much better than anything else on shortwave or the ham bands. I was listening to a lengthy MP3 file of Steve the other day. You know what I heard? All the people bitching about Steve are the ones on the air antagonizing him. As I listened to the MP3 file, near the end some ham from the east coast contacted Steve. Steve was a perfect gentleman in his conversation with this other ham. Why? Because the guy wasn't bashing and antagonizing Steve.
The other hams are antagonizing Steve in hopes he loses his liscense. They are the ones who should lose their ham license. They are just as much to blame as Steve. Anyway, as Steve was engaged in this conversation, the MP3 file came to an end. I guess it wasn't important to show that Steve is well behaved if all the A-hole hams aren't harassing him so they can send a tape to the FCC asking them to pull Steve's license. Could it be the FCC looked at the situation and decided the A-hole hams who are bitching about, and antagonizing, Steve are the problem?


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