Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Worlds Biggest Jammer

Today, Bill Crowell w6wbj (formally n6ayj), slapped the morally superior in their sagging jowls by obtaining the vanity call all were sure he would be denied by the FCC. Bill requested this call because it is an acronym for w6-worlds biggest jammer.

We all should have known when a few days ago, he opened a website ! (Bill, get rid of the ‘boxes’ – totally outdated!)

This action by the FCC left many of the ‘morally superior’ stunned, surprised, and angry. However, they can now take out some of that anger on the FCC rather than on w6wbj, because he certainly did not issue this vanity call to himself!

One cannot help but wonder if the numbers of the ‘morally superior’ should not, be questioning their OWN morality, superiority, and expectations of the world around them at this point. I mean, someone at the FCC did not think issuing the vanity call, or re-licensing Bill Crowell was such a big deal. Even after wading through the numerous complaints supposedly sent them regarding him.

Now do not get me wrong; I do not particularly like Bill, he is as pretentious in his way (if not more so), as the ‘morally superior’ are in there way. The difference for the most part, is that Bill w6wbj, does not expect everyone else to live by his own personal values (well, not ALL of them!).

In fact, w6wbj could also be an acronym for: take your pick folks!

Worlds biggest jerk
Worlds biggest joke
Worlds biggest jester


bob said...

well...i got to hand it to bill....he showed the fcc they are powerless to act on his actions...once again the fcc has shown they are a joke...guess we will have to wait for some demented person to take action on billy in some way...who knows..maybe art has been away at some terrorist school to learn ways to take billy out....

Mark said...

Now wait a minute. It is true that the FCC issued the Worlds Biggest Joke a new call
Sign. However if you look closely the FCC took unusual steps and did not grant the 10 year license that would normally come with it. In fact it is a SPECIAL condition on his license. So the expiration date is only 11 months away. Interesting isn’t it?

Per FCC Rule 1.945(e), your application is being granted in part. The vanity license request has been granted. However, your original license term has been kept. You have not been issued a new 10 year license term.

Here is the link;JSESSIONID_ULSSEARCH=E9t0LktEk2wjhlovTZJL3l9RBA9Dk3AMemYjjei2dBl1Go1fG2pa!-127079105!-1550854209?licKey=2801726

Billy The Bill Collector said...

My phonetics are "Whiskey Six Water Buffalo Jammer". Look at K6UEY's QRZ.COM listing and tell me that you don't think he's cultivating the "water buffalo look". I'll bet he gets lots of chicks hitting on him!

Yes, Bob the Bum, keep making those death threats. I'm really, really scared. You could probably tell.

Yes, Mark the Loser, I am just quaking in my boots that my license won't be renewed next year. After all, if it weren't renewed, I couldn't talk to all you FB hams, and that would be a pity!

Circle-jerkers. Nothing but a bunch of f*tard circle-jerkers. I find you to be extremely amusing. Thank you for giving me my daily laugh.

peanut_whistle said...

Wet Blow Job?

Billy The Bill Collector said...

This is just to let you know that I really am enjoying my new callsign. Thanks for listening!

Mark said...

William Blows Jim


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