Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Grudge Report has so many readers/posters now, it's become almost unmanageable...

-Tracking threads/topics/posters is almost impossible
-replying is difficult
-You have to scan ALL to find what u want.
-Archives are a bitch.

The down side (or to some, the 'up'), is that you'd have to register to participate, however, you could use whatever 'addie/name' you choose.

I could shop around and TRY setting up a typical 'freebie' 'forum', move the Grudge Report (not archives sadly) to it, which would facilitate all of the above. In addition, we might have a section for sales/trades, personals, etc.

As always, HamFanz would not CENSURE content, posters, other than to comply with TOS, or thought in any way!

Which would be easier for you to use? Which form would you prefer? I need your opinions!!!

email: HamFanz@cox.net


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not quite sure that you "censure" comment, I think that you "censor" it.

That having been said, don't go getting all overconfident over the popularity of your recent threads. With nobody on 3840, Billy has nobody else to harass. He's gotta jam somebody somewhere, it might as well be here. Subtract Billy's posts, then maybe Jim's, and all you have left is your normal contingent of Art Bell stalkers.

Bill Crowell said...

Anonymous Coward is right. He's spot on with pointing out Evvy's lack of English comprehension skills. She most definitely meant "censor." One would expect a self proclaimed poet to know the difference :). Outside some ham radio ops coming in here to point out how much of a loser Evvy is, this forum is mostly populated with Art Bell stalkers, as the Anonymous Coward has wisely pointed out. My main question, how does Evvy consider looking for a free site to host her stalking site blog on considered "shop[ping] around" ? It's probably another poorly thought out, mindless Evvy ploy to trick idiot stalkers to donate money to her smoking fund.

Anonymous said...

Evvy, I've said it before. Create an easy to find "Community Chest" such as I have done on my site - which documents exactly where all donations go while giving credit to the people who make the donations. People want an accounting of their money and they want a verification of legitimate costs. It's the first thing they teach you in Business 101. You may be surprised to find out your donations actually increase and you can cut down your appeal for such. It will also prevent you from getting accused of wanting donations for what is referenced in the above comment.
Jim N7JS

Bill Crowell said...

The Real Billy the Bill Collector, N6AYJ, is not going to post here anymore because someone else is forging his name to, for example, the above post.

Vector_Control said...

Interesting comments, I think the proverbal Party is Over for 3840/47, it had a good run though. Without OBB around the stalkers and Artie-wanna-B's will scatter in a few months. Without OBB this 3840 thing will not stand on it's own merits for long.

My Prediction: OBB is going to sell the Pahrump property and move to North Carolina full time to take care of his mother, you guy's/gals don't read the tea leaves very well do you ?

evvy said...

Bill Wrote:
>>>It's probably another poorly thought out, mindless Evvy ploy to trick idiot stalkers to donate money to her smoking fund.

Red Jacket Tobacco
P.O. Box 271
Salamanca, New York 14779

My ciggies run about $18 CARTON.

How much do u pay for your cutsie bicycle 'spandex' clothes?

Or your radios? Or Antennas? (Yes, Bill, post your budget for your 'toys' here!)

Or your 'jaunts' to Europe or Mexico? (I think u leave the country when NO ONE else here can stand you anymore! It's a vacation for them, not you!)

Not to mention that I didn't screw myself into alimony and child support payments! ROFLMFAO!

Bill Crowell said...

Evvy, I told you, it's not me who's posting that stuff. Somebody's forging my name to their posts. The Real Billy The Bill Collector, N6AYJ


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