Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bad Apples and Rotten HAMS

Due to the duplicity and ‘self-supposed slickness’ of some posters to the GRUDGE Report (you know who you are!), I have had to resort to blocking anonymous posters.

While such a move is personally offensive to me, many regulars (readers & posters alike) have requested that I do something to correct the mayhem. And frankly, it was getting too confusing for me to track, especially in the wee hours of the morn.

Therefore, I went through the blog controls, section by section, and aha, I think I found the answer; just one small click of my mouse, and all anon posters were outta here.

This in no way prevents anyone from posting comments, it may even encourage some folks who have not commented before, but everyone WILL have to register and post under an ID.

There is even one-step further I can take this, if the bad apples and rotten HAMS insist; I can actually limit readers and posters to a ‘subscription’ list! Now please, do not make me do this!

I do not believe that this ‘change’ will cripple any legitimate posters ability to add pertinent (or not!) comments. And it is a reversible change, should decorum eventually prevail.


Bill Crowell said...

I was very gratified to learn today that Orv, K6UEY, and I have so much in common: we both like jamming!! Orv, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! (The Real) Billy the Bill Collector

P.S. Note the typical 'UEY malapropism, "QRM jammer". Orv doesn't even realize it's redundant! Kinda like saying "the interference jammer" or "the jamming jammer". Just relax, Orv; everything is going to be all right! Take your meds and don't worry about it!

----- Original Message -----
From: ORV, K6UEY
To: Jim KI6GU
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 1:43 AM
Subject: Retribution
Jim, Just in case there is any doubt I AM LOVING IT,the QRM jammer is Justice sent from Heaven. I hope BILLY really appreciates how others feel first hand!! After all is not turn around fair play ??
"What goes around ,comes around ".

KI6GU replied: "I see. So in essence, you have become what you hate. And now you cheer the jammers. What makes you any different from them if you endorse their behavior? Amazing! Are you so consumed with hate for Billy and me that you are willing to throw your own values away for the satisfaction of seeing us get the treatment you think we deserve?

Bill Crowell said...

Do you think this raises the question of whether the fucktards know exactly who is jamming and are keeping it a secret? A jamming conspiracy, perhaps? (The Real) Billy

evvy said...

Now we know that at least the 'real' n6ayj figured out how to the Grudge Report!

Freddie said...

Is Art Bell in jail?

evvy said...

Freddie wrote:
>>>Is Art Bell in jail?

Nice to see you post Freddie. But what makes u say that.

For all we know he could be in a psych unit!

KI6GU said...

Freddie wrote:
>>>Is Art Bell in jail?

In a very real sense he is.


bob said...

o my....if art got married again, then yes, he is in jail.....

MonsterLlama said...

It should be clear who all the jammers are if you pay close enough attention. Some are clearly not part of the group that some refer to as the fucktards; some are. The ones that can be lumped into the group (I'm basing this on my interpretation of which particular individuals Billy has clumped into that group) have kept their activities clandestine even to the group itself. Some within the group are keen to their identities and do not support them in any way. Remember, there are so many participants on either side of this fence that the whole gamut of opinions are being held. It's not accurate to say one side supports this or that. I don't support any of the jammers regardless of who's doing it or how they justify it.


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