Monday, April 17, 2006

Rotten Pork HAMS

Due to some recent comments (in spite of a prior warning), encouraging OTHERS to take actions that could result in direct harm to people or property; I have, very reluctantly, had to put ALL comments on MODERATION status.

NO ‘comment’ will be approved for inclusion in The HamFanz Grudge Report that could be deemed ‘threatening’, capable of directly causing someone harm, or if it encourages OTHERS to commit unsafe or illegal actions. Period!

All submitted ‘comments’ will be reviewed for these items only, then approved or rejected. There will be no ‘censoring’ within a message; it will either be included or rejected, as is.

Be aware, that this action, may, slow down the rate at which comments are published and appear in The HamFanz Grudge Report. I am only one person, and have things other than The Grudge Report going on in my life (showers, cats, a movie!). In other words, I will not be at your ‘beck and call’ to get comments reviewed and approved or rejected.

It’s too bad that just two people, HAMS both, provoked and caused this situation; which just goes to prove that having a HAM license, does not mean sh**!


MonsterLlama said...


So, you just gave yourself a lot of extra work. Don't you complain about having too much to do anyway? Who are these two hams? Are you willing to dropping names? I'm more inclined to believe you just want to censor out negative comments about yourself!

Freddie said...

Why not just moderate the posts from the two hams in question? First censorship of the Yahoo group and now this. Pretty soon your going to find yourself all alone.

evvy said...

freddie wrote:
>>>Why not just moderate the posts from the two hams in question?

Because this Blog does not allow for it; it's either all or nothing.

>>>First censorship of the Yahoo group and now this.

The YahooGroup HamFanz is NOT censored.

>>>Pretty soon your going to find yourself all alone

And what else is new???

liveinthewire said...

Evvy wrote:

The YahooGroup HamFanz is NOT censored.

You always say that, but it's a matter of definition. You explicity stated you would censor me. You have kicked people of the list, which is certainly a form of censorship.

I don't necessarily disagree with the need for censorship in some form. But I do think you are being less than straightforward when you flatly state that the list is not censored.


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