Friday, April 14, 2006

The BCW List, Again

It would seem that Big Ben kd7bcw is considering closing the BCW list again. Seems they have a mole, who forwards some of, or parts of, their emails to the Fearsome Four: Jim ki6gu, Billie w6wbj, Bill wb6bnq, and Steve kg6txh. All of whom, it has been reported, have been kicked from the BCW list by Big Ben.

What is REALLY the problem? I never hear Ben kd7bcw, complain when folks from HamFanz send him OUR email! In fact, many people belong to both lists (and some are tempted to cross post). What is so very secret within the structure and membership of the BCW list that needs such protection?

Are they discussing new ‘loops’ they are gonna patent and make a fortune on? Are they discussing JoAnne’s much too tight pantyhose that are probably older than I am? Just what is so secret that the Fearsome Four can not know???

Even if the Fearsome Four were members of the BCW list, but not allowed to post to it (and you CAN make those kinds of settings Ben), what friggen difference could it possibly make???

Or can it be because artie w60bb hasn’t been around for awhile to tell Ben what to do, what to post, who to allow in or kick out and so on? And that with artie’s return, he may not be interested in the list any longer?

I think that is exactly the reason! And I hope Ben does close the BCW List. They are all, and I mean all, welcome at HamFanz where they can discuss anything they want, and argue endlessly with those of ‘lower’ moral turpitude.


MonsterLlama said...

First, it's a Yahoo! group and not a list. Second, Ben's not closing it. Also, again you miffed up callsigns. Jim is KI6GU, not K6GU. Billy's call is W6WBJ, not K6WBJ. Bill's call is WB6BNQ, not WB6BNG. It really attacks your integrity when you foul up the provable facts. Where's the guarantee that your other claims are not just as fouled? Spin away!

WB6BNQ said...

I don't know who this stupid fuck, monsterllama, is but he/she/it cannot, obviously, read very well. As I read the article I see that the call signs are properly written.

Likewise, the BCW was created as a list server. This is how the Yahoo group system works even though it has a web page interface. This F***tard is completely clueless.

Obviously, this idiot is a TROLL ! And a damn poor one at that. That's not you is it Bob ?

Regarding the subject matter, the BCW list is Ben's lifeline. If he gets rid of that then he would have no purpose or value. So I doubt Ben is going to close it down. He has threaten to do that numerous times. Each time he cannot handle the fact that people don't buy his rationalization, he laments begging for attention. It really is a pitiful existence.

MonsterLlama said...

Did you ever stop to think that stupid Evvy editted her stupid grudge report after I pointed that stuff out? No wonder nobody likes you :) It sort of sucks be ostracized, eh, Bill ? Let it out! Let out the blind anger!

WB6BNQ said...

I don't feel ostracized. As for the "blind anger," well, I thought that was what I was doing.

Did Evvy correct her post ? My, my, that still does not explain your mean, petty and ill spirited manner in your first message.

Sorry, but I do not think much of people that post with an anonymous ID. Are you so unsure of yourself that you have to hide ? What makes you feel that people should pay attention to you ? IF you feel that you have something to contribute, no matter how insignificant, stand on your own two feet and be recognized.

bob said...

no bill its not me.....i thought all the secret hidden identification shit was going to be done away with so these assholes couldnt post....

MonsterLlama said...

Bob, do you feel better about yourself now? Feel free to type more derogatory commentary about me. I mean, it makes a lot of sense being as you don't know me nor anything about me. Perhaps, we'll call you Evvy Jr. for now on since you're stealing her modus operandi.

bob said...

hey monsterllama...or whatever you must be one insecure person to have to hide behind a makeup name...if you dont like what i say...too fucking bad..shove it up your gutless asshole...


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