Monday, April 10, 2006

Real 'news' about Art Bell w60bb???

Jim, ki6gu reports:

I am stating this for the record. I just called and spoke with Art via his cell phone and I can tell you with absolute certainty he is definitely NOT in North Carolina and as a mater of fact, he isn't even in the United States. So when he returns and breaks the big news about what he's been up to, those of you who bought that BS about him visiting his mom are going to discover that you have been played for a fool! Now you can't say I haven't warn you.--

Hmmm. A couple of things Jim.
1) I NEVER thought he was visiting 'mom'. YOU were one of the folks espousing that idea, even here on the Grudge Report!
2) What makes you so 'sure' of this recent info; did artie tell you where he was? If so why not just tell us?
3) Its EASY to fool those that care about you (how sad!)
4) That artie is 'hiding' his activities and making fools of his friends proves him to be a liar, nefarious, ashamed of what he's doing, and egotistic to the extreme, but then some of us knew all this, didn't we?


KI6GU said...

Yes Evvy, you are right; at first I took Art's word for it and I believed him when he said he was going to visit mom, but later after giving it some thought and with some additional information coming out I realized that I had been lied to. But some people like Trish couldn't see why I wouldn't just believe everything Art says. Well that's why I posted what I did for the record; so that when Art gets home and has a good laugh on all the folks who bought the story it will not be at my expense. I have stated ahead of time that he didn't fool me (at least not for long).


Bill Crowell said...

Is something wrong with me? I just don't care where Art is. And, while we're at it, Art who? I'm afraid that I just don't find him to be very interesting. Man gets lucky, makes money, and gets screwed up by it. How many times have I heard that before? Now if he had been able to profit by others' well-known experiences, that would have been interesting. But reinventing the wheel? Not interesting.

R.F. Burns said...

Jim, you are like a jealous ex-girl friend. Why are you so damn concerned about what W6OBB is doing. You are truly the ftard you claim not to be.

KG6TXH said...
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KG6TXH said...

Art is a pathological liar. He lied to the FCC about me and also Billy and Jim.

bob said...

what lies did anyone report about you steve ? the recordings spoke for themselves....your wanting sex with greg...your being drunk on the air all the time...your threats to the president...what lies steve ?
but then again...i guess when your sober you dont remember all the things you said...but we do....

KG6TXH said...

>what lies did anyone report about you steve ?

Art Bell sent doctored tapes to the FCC that he represented as genuine. He also lied when he claimed Billy and Jim were playing music. Bell will do anything to get what he wants. Anything.

MonsterLlama said...
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MonsterLlama said...

What's all this fascination with Art, anyway? It's clear that there are more than enough people who show up on 75m at night solely to cling to him. Lets not forget that there are a lot of us who could really care less whether he shows up on-air or not that night. It has nothing to do with whether he's liked or disliked; it's just that his presence doesn't weigh many people's decision making. If he shows up and chats, that's fine. If he doesn't, no big deal. The same would hold for a lot of hams. The only thing that bugs me to death is all the annoying cling ons that show up immediately after he IDs and start in with their fanboy nonsense. Fan clubs have a time and place, I just don't feel like ham radio is either. To me, I find it ridiculous how many people cling on to his every move. I can think of a lot more interesting people on 75m to chat and listen to.


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