Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was right!

Tonight on Coast-to-Coast AM, Art Bell w6obb announced that he has been in the Philippines courting and marrying a YOUNG woman who is the sister of the woman Carl kb5fjx was wooing over the internet. And that Carl had introduced the two via email, and that he’d paid Carl’s way. (Does this make Carl a pimp?)

Art Bell w60bb also announced that all properties and vehicles in Pahrump NV (except KNYE) are up for sale because he is moving to the Philippines (He says his new Bride does not want to come to America. Yea, right.). The five cats he was so in love with – up for adoption, one already on the way to AK.

His radio program? He says he will continue doing his ‘week-end’ shift from Manila. Though my guess is, he just figuratively cut the throat of his broadcast career, and his fan base. (In fact, I have heard it in George Noory’s voice whenever he has mentioned Art during the last two weeks.)

All this less than 4 months after the death of his wife of 15 years, Ramona, that he loved so much! As he bemoaned her loss on broadcast radio, and literally cried over her loss and a country full of his fans mourned with and for him.

I have never thought much of Art Bell as a person, his morals, or his values; which is why I was able to predict this current event. Yet, I have admired and enjoyed his on air persona for many years.

Usually I enjoy being right, as I often am. But the above, makes me want to puke. However, it does prove a couple of things. There is no fool like an old fool, money can buy you love, and evvy is usually right!


Freddie said...

Wow!!!! I have heard people marrying a year after the loss of their spouse and thought that was kind of quick, but 4 months after the loss of his soul mate! Damn! People take longer to replace their pet dog who has died. Steve Wingate was right. Art's is a POS.

Freddie said...

We'll probably hear Art back on the air again in 6 months telling us how it didn't work out. He likes to go on and off the air over and over. Then he'll be jumping from one woman to the next like the frequency of a cheap ham radio.

WB6BNQ said...

I had told both you, Evvy, and Jim KI6GU that I did not think even ART W6OBB could be that ruthless, cold, and so literally uncaring. Boy was I wrong ! ! !

This SICK BASTARD is just that: Ruthless, cold and uncaring ! Not to mention being a complete phony about caring for his cats; forget the dead wife.

What I don't get is why tell the whole world what a complete MORON you are. On the other hand, if you are a complete MORON it makes sense.

MonsterLlama said...

(1) "I have never thought much of Art Bell as a person, his morals, or his values; which is why I was able to predict this current event." Evvy, I hope you realize that makes no sense.

(2) Bill touches on a point. It does seem pretty damn pathetic that he'd basically bought a wife from abroad. Lets not kid anyone, that's basically what he's claiming to have done. The Philippines is quite a hot spot for gold digging, poor pinays looking for rich Americans to pull them out of their poverty. Hindi magkaroon utak siya :)

Freddie said...

Hey Evvy, a week after Ramona's death you were complaining that Art was still mourning. Now 4 months later you are complaining that he is marrying too soon?
I have actually never seen your prediction that Art would do this so can't say that you are right but I can say you are a hypocrite.

WB6BNQ said...

Quote Freddie {. . . but I can say you are a hypocrite.}


How is she a hypocrite ? Because she felt Artie's moaning (no pun intended) on the Air was inappropriate ?

A simple comment about Ramona's death is one thing, but when you drag it out in a blow by blow account, that is over doing it. Art was simply proffering his commercialism.

Shamelessly exploiting his so-called marriage on the air is Art's way of trying to get absolution for being amoral.

Immoral is not conforming to accepted standards of morality. Amoral is lacking a moral sense; that is, being unconcerned whether something is right or wrong.

This is no different then the Guyana experience. The Lord of the LOOP has forsaken his followers, the morally superior ones from the Cult of the LOOP. Even the head slave (read ...) has been disgraced like so much trash in the gutter. If he had been sold to the highest bidder, at least that would have been some consolation.

So Freddie, I think you are wrong with your assumptions. YES, Evvy did make the predictions that she claimed on numerous occasions to me on the telephone. She may have even put them into print, although, at the moment I do not recall where or when.

AE7OP said...

I am completely disgusted by Art Bell. I am removing my web site that was devoted to his antenna. I feel ashamed and used to have ever had anything to do with him.

Evvy - Please remove me as a "major player" as I have never transmitted on 3840 and do not wish to be associated with the "cult of the loop" in any way, shape or fashion.

P.S. I was never compensated for the web site financially or otherwise. Not even so much as a "thank you".

Freddie said...

Hey WB6BNQ, learn to read. Where did I say "she was a hyprocrite because she felt Artie's moaning (no pun intended) on the Air was inappropriate ?". I didn't. I said she is a hypocrite because she bitched about Art not getting over her death a week after it happened and now almost 4 months later she is condemning him for.

peanut_whistle said...

Everyone grieves in a different manner.

And every man has a moral compass.

Unfortunately, sometimes it stands up straight and points to the nearest pretty woman.

Watcherover said...

Pedophilia - common it seems for men to go over to the PI hoping to obtain a child bride. I never held Art in high regard, some of the conversations on Coast to Coast were interesting - I think though, it's important to understand that the conversations were "Show - Entertainment Material" not a true reflection of Art Bell's creativity and him as a person.

I think it's a shame that he has made the decision to go public with the latest regarding his personal life and now that he has -there is no reeling it back in.

I'm sure if Ramona were watching, she would not be thrilled with his decision to throw away everything she helped him to create over the last fifteen years of her life.

The Cat's - Art, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are properly taken care of - suggest that you dip into your wallet and dig out some of what Ramona helped contribute and seek a proper home for them. Sending them off to people you don't know and that could be as unstable as you present, is not a responsible action to take.

I wish you well, and glad you have decided to leave the US, you will be better off in this county (PI) -the mentality mirrors yours and should provide you with wonderful conditions - deserving of your mental capacity.

evvy said...

ae7op wrote:
Evvy - Please remove me as a "major player" as I have never transmitted on 3840 and do not wish to be associated with the "cult of the loop" in any way, shape or fashion.

I will do that when I update pages. It would help me to remember if u would send a private email.

Mark said...

Evvy… It looks like your Hamfanz site will peter out now ( no pun intended). In my opinion Art was just another interesting character in a already interesting mix. I wish him all the best in his new life. The group will continue, We are communicators that’s what we do. I for one operate all the bands and there are many very interesting people to meet. Ham radio for me is a wonderful adventure. As for Billy and the bad apples. Well it’s like dog crap on the sidewalk, you just walk around it and try not to get any on you.

Mark K6FEJ

evvy said...

Mark k6fej wrote:
>>>Evvy… It looks like your Hamfanz site will peter out now

Name of the site, list & The Grudge Report is HAMFANZ. Not the Art Bell w6obb fan club!

The ONLY things to peter out will be 'loop cult members'. (You espouse loops, have one? Yes???)

Ditto the BCW list, and maybe even HamCams (You r on HamCams, yes?).

Both were built to arties request & specifications, run by him in the background, and filled with folks desperately seeking artie's attention & approval.

HamFanz was never a product of Artie's ego. And will continue to function just fine (perhaps even better), without him. (As long as good online tuners are available.)

Craig Petersen said...

Boy, what a turn of events this has been. And here I just thought Art was going over to the Philippines to buy himself a new 'child bride'. I never thought he would shed himself of all his worldly possessions and move there. I guess this means Art will no longer be active as a HAM and probably let his ticket lapse when it expires on 10/6/14. Art, you may shed your inanimate possessions any way you want; but PLEASE find proper homes for the cats you loved so dearly. They deserve much more than to be callously discarded to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

I do wish you well Art, but a 20 something Philippine gold digger? She looks like she could be your grand daughter! I think most of us would of expected you to find someone a little closer to your age bracket. I hope it was all worth it, just hope she really 'loves' you; my guess is she really doesn't and is just in it for the money. Because if I were her, and had the choice between poverty and riches; I'd be hopping on the gravy train myself so I guess I can't really blame her.


Craig – N7UQA

A-1 OperaTOR

Kent said...

Have you people not been paying attention?

I don't agree with all of the extreme negative sentiment about Art's new life. Bill: I don't think he is amoral. I don't think he completely lacks sense. But unless you think he is sociopathic, then you have to assume that he has somewhat normal emotions. If you can accept that possibility, then you should also be able to accept that he must still be hurting big time over his loss. When people are hurting badly, they do weird stuff to ease the pain. Some do drugs or drink, and some rush to replace the loss.

Now, Bill's gonna jump all over me for this, I'm sure. But I think Art is a reasonably normal person. In fact, I think the argument could be made that this move of his is more evidence of normal human emotions than anything else. I mean, think about it. When your "friends" are the likes of those
of the old 3840 crowd, where would *you* turn for emotional support? Art is a guy that has mistaken abusive relationships for friendships, evidently for a lot longer than I have known him. But I never got the impression that his relationship with Ramona was abusive at all, in either direction. So if
that were the only healthy relationship that I had in my life, then I might be in a damn hurry to replace it too.

And can you think of an easier way to fool yourself into thinking you've done just that, than to go take a bride that wants nothing more than to tell you everything that you want to hear?

So, as disgusted as I am by this news (and I am disgusted), I have to cut the guy some slack. I am going through a VERY painful transition in my life right now, and I'm hurting continuously. And there are not very many things I can think of that I wouldn't consider to relieve the pain, if I had the resources.

Those of you that have been paying attention at all should know that this "change" is going to be short-lived. He's just self-medicating himself with a new woman to ease the pain, the same way many of us find other ways to do. We're all messed up human beings, capable of some really weird sh*t.

73 .. Kent WM7O

WB6BNQ said...


You were doing pretty good during the first paragraph. If you would have stopped right there, then I would not have had to respond.

Is Art sociopathic ? That is a damn good question ! I don't think that is really the word you were looking for though. Besides the standard 4 letter group that would explain his issues, narcissistic would have been a closer parallelism.

But then I have to remember that you are only thirty something. Thus, you do not have the range of experience to express yourself properly.

As for the rest of your paragraphs ... all bullshit. Sounds more like a projection from your "VERY painful transition" that you refer to.

Kent said...


That is exactly the kind of response that I expected from you, so bravo. You never cease to live down to my expectations.

73 .. Kent

Freddie said...

Listened to the first hour of Art's show tonight and the only thing I find more disgusting than what Art is doing is all the brown noesing callers conratulating him and singing their praises for what he is doing. I think if Art had murdered someone we'd still be hearing these brown nosers falling all over him. Ramona is spining so fast in her grave that it gives new meaning to the words Global Warming.

MonsterLlama said...

It just shows the bulk of his listener base.

Billy The Bill Collector said...

It was nice talking to you on the phone patch the other night, Evvy. You sound like you are a really nice person. Billy the Bill Collector, W6WBJ


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