Friday, June 20, 2008

Mrs. Ben Gardner (Cherry) kd7bcw, has arrived in the US

To cook in Ben’s mom’s kitchen, and sleep in Ben’s bed.

So still another NAMBPIG union has been ‘consummated’ with her arrival. And still one more immigrate has breached our shores (legal or not), as if we needed more people here.

One cannot help but wonder how Ben’s mom REALLY likes sharing her house and kitchen with another woman. I guess the women in Ben’s disability funded life, just have to ‘grin and share it’. Or perhaps Ben’s mother will come to her senses and kick the freeloaders out.
BTW, will the new Mrs. Gardner be eligible for 'spouse' disability payments? Or 'daughter-in-law' SS benefits???

It would seem that all the NAMBPIGs have gone to great trouble to ‘spruce up’ for these foreign, paid for, brides; weight loss, smoking cessation, spiffing up the house, removal of facial hair, etc. One cannot help but wonder if they had done this earlier, if they might not have found American women that would have been interested. Of course, this would probably not include twenty something’s as these are STILL old men, but suitable REAL American women. Women, not foreign, just out of their teens females, blackmailed by their terrible poverty into a marriage in order to escape. A marriage in which they will have to ‘pretend’ love and desire, every second of every day, till the old man dies and they can inherit.

Do thoughts every cross your minds of how these young women must cringe emotionally each time one of these old goats calls her ‘honey’, or possessively (and their relationship IS one of ownership) runs their hand up a young thigh? It makes me nauseous…

These imported women are physically not locked into secret basement compounds, but they are just as imprisoned by old men who ‘say’ (and have perhpaps even talked themselves into believing) they love them, when what they really mean is they are proud to now own their own ‘sex object’. And their only options are go back to abject poverty, escape their ‘importers’, or pretend, even to themselves, that all is just fine…

Welcome to the ‘game’, Cherry. But then, you may already know how it’s played.

SOME of last night’s LittlePeeps festivities celebrating this abomination (with many of Ben’s Ham peers, socially lying with their ‘congrats’) recordings will be posted on the Secret Page soon, if you have not yet heard them and have the password.


Josh Pounds said...

Geez Evvy, just a little bit harsh.

We can't rule out the possibility that these people may actually make each other honest-to-goodness happy. And there isn't anything wrong with that, now is there?

Art and Airyn seem pretty happy to me. I obviously don't live with them, but they have a beautiful baby girl and it appears they have a nice life together.

Cut people some slack, eh? Let's just wish everyone well.

There's too much bad in the world to want to add to it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the best for Ben (but not Artie). However, I suspect that whatever happens to 'Cherry' a few years later, the fact is that she has a lock on Ben's assets when he dies. I guess that makes her a 'well paid Whore'. I guess a little pussy is worth a lot, Bennie Boy. I hope Artie got his money's worth. You know how cheap Artie is!

Martin (W7RU) said...

Such Spruces up the Acronyms. Pig's? Not too sure about the NAM'S.
What such odd in decrate, does such demeanor in judgement exist? Now get rid of acronyms, and talk to many.


Anonymous said...

These 3rd world seekers come from lives destined for poverty. They suffer and fake it till the old goats they have croak giving them an eventual decent life in da land of the free. The anchor kids don't even get to know who the gene donor was so it be tits for a break. The old goats get a few hell yeah years sporting a bragging trophy, posting pictures of what everyone thinks is their grandkid and thinking that they still "have it" instead of a life where even an american troll wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot lipstick. Sign me up, I gotta pocket full o money. You best be acting like I'm smooth eddie (cause Im thinkin it) instead of letting me on what you're really thinkin, ya hear. I'll kick your ass with my cane.

Geriatric Jerry

Anonymous said...

I have thought about all this and
my guess is Evvy will not print my thoughts. Reading her words it seems that she makes the case for what Art, Ben and others are doing.

These are country girls with values that we have not seen in a long time in America, they are not spoiled with everything a person could want in the World. They are real going to Church Catholics. They have the Family values we had in the 1800s.

What have they done that is so wrong? If they are truly happy who are we to judge? I think Art and his Wife have been together for over two Years now. I wish Ben the best and Micai sure seems like a nice young lady, I wish him good Years ahead.

One does not have to read very far between the lines to see the envy in Evvy.

Someone you know

Martin said...

I would suggest that some on this blog should study Cultural Centrism.

Anonymous said...

Yes my dear friend, Cultural Centrism would be an accurate application if it were not for the subjects of the
grudge being such obvious examples (by their own ridiculous parading of images and needed attention) of secretive
generalized thought and ultimate ridicule. I suspect they parade their continuous public behavior believing that a small idiotic minority who praise them is the majority. Quite the opposite.

The Sage

Martin said...

I agree that too much expression of ones self is odd. However, many wish to exibit, and may lead to conflict. How we plan a future, and family is important. Lets not have too many expressions of young people. They need to grow for their future. Not ours

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they hand out instructions to the game in "filipina"???

Anonymous said...

Evvy... envy? Only one letter change to make one the other.

Anonymous said...

How long before these perverts get into wife swapping? I'll bet these poor women scatter pretty quick, and learn that telling the media all the sorid details is a way to fund a new life.

Anonymous said...

Wife swapping? I am starting to conclude that because Evvy dwells on the negative she draws the same to her page.

There is plenty of real perversion in the World but getting married to a younger Woman is not perverted even by older standards.

Does Evvy and others who make these sort of comments have nothing better to do? Frankly it is getting a bit old and boring.
I keep hoping Evvy will start writing about the hobby of Ham Radio or SWLing, anything but this nonsense about who Married who. It is just plain boring.

Anonymous said...

Evvy is commenting on what she observes. It's the rejects who continually brag with pictures of who they are married to that are "old, boring, nonsense".

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The pictures are being put up on Ham cams and places like that. Evvy is picking up these pictures and using them to make some twisted point. They are not intended to become fodder for some small fish acting like the national inquirer. Beyond that they are boring and done to death.

If Ben and Art and others want to put up pictures of their what? Many others do the same thing, that is what those sites are intended for.

Anonymous said...

Why go the Phillipines? I heard Asia Carrera is available.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Ben and Art, I don't care about Ben and Art. I could care less about Evvy, Steve, Billy, or any of the others here. I at one time would go here for some interesting journalism. That isn't happening anymore. I've seen Evvy go from objective to subjective. What a shame, really.
Interesting that my word verification for today was: bcnya .

So, all.... be seein' ya. I'm off to frequent another blog. This one has run it's course.

Anonymous said...

Well, come to think of it, I think it would be pretty interesting one night when Art is hosting Coast to Coast to have Asia Carrera on as a guest. Someone toss him the idea.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh stop it with that sappy crap. These women are seeking better lives. These men are seeking the thrill of young sex that would require much more substance from an American counterpart. Get real for f#$% sakes and go shave.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I see shing through any of this silly stuff Evvy calls reporting is like some earlier poster said Evvy envy.

Is this Woman only happy when she can write hurtful things about other people? Remember American Woman (The song?) lotta truth in
that there tune.

Ben seems very happy, so what I ask is wrong with that? Mabye that IS it exactly, he is happy and there is ENVY.

My 2cents


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