Thursday, June 19, 2008

Elites, Crashed and Burned

(The above pic was posted by swl 'Michael' on the last week.)

Well, that did not take long did it? The Elites have not been heard on-air (together), on their usual frequency, for a couple of weeks now.

Due to a schism between Jim Watkins ki6gu and Scott Barris k7mix (the new artie ‘go to’ boy), there are now only 2.5 remaining Elites: Art Bell w6obb, Scotty k7mix, and the half Elite, Ben Gardner kd7bcw (whose heart is really with the LittlePeeps – but jeeze, artie DID paid for his wife).

The schism between Jim and Scotty was predicted weeks before it happened by all the ‘behind the scenes’ folks. It was a given, no surprise; so much so, that one can’t help wondering if artie set it up that way?

But the crash of the Elites does present some dilemmas.

What about their web site? The Elites boast that 111 folks have signed up for their chat. What in the world do the chatters talk about if there are no Elites on air?

What about the ‘phone patch’, which their web site still promotes? Have you heard a phone patch lately? I sure have not! (In the ‘spirit’ of prior, smug on air challenges for me to call in, talk to the Elites, I formally invite the Elites to come here, using their REAL NAMES, and post their views of this event, and unlike what they undoubtedly planned for me, I won’t even ‘bait’ them! Other than to say, The HamFanz site and The HamFanz Grudge Report has certainly lasted longer than a few weeks!

I have to admit, I miss listening to them, ALL of them. I especially miss listening to them as they were a couple of years ago, when artie’s worshipers numbered in the dozens, and the band (3840 then) sizzled with hams and interesting conversations. Of course, that was pre Airyn Bell. (artie, has anyone mentioned that you cannot have it all?)

Other than leaving all the Elite ‘fans’ in the lurch ONCE AGAIN, there is a funny side to all of this. That funny side is hearing artie intrude on other on-air groups, usually with Scotty in tow, trying to find worshipers to convert. My guess would be that Jim ki6gu is ‘sitting’ on 3720, and artie and Scotty cannot go back there without doing a LOT of knee bending.

Artie is obviously looking for a place to take over and call home. Yes, artie is indeed looking for a home, in all kinds of ways!

Since artie, in recent months, is making enemies (Greg w6ezv, Jim ki6gu) of Elites faster than he can find replacements, perhaps he should just move to the PI’s and stay there. He has about run out of people here… (Note that I say ‘people’ and not friends, because artie does not know how to be a ‘friend’.)


swl_michael said...

so I might as well say..

that yes, Michael is my real name, its not a handle. if you want evvy I'll even call your home phone number...

Seriously.. I put that up as a joke... it was not begging for them to come back... it was a take off on Dude, where's my car???...

The point which you did take out of context.

at least I can say, one thing, I don't have to spend my money to pay for the grudge report.

but dont worry, you can come to our new forum when it opens....

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Both sides (Jammers and Elites) are just a festering boil on the buttocks of ham radio. This site also has seen better days. The fodder is drying up, evvy, and you had better rely on your other projects if you want to generate any interest in your work. The "yawn factor" has been 100% on your last two posts. If the next two are that way, I won't be coming back as a reader.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at it this way ... Its summer and there is so much more to do out there than Ham Radio right at the moment. If ya can't find something better to do ... your not looking hard enough.


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