Monday, June 09, 2008

Gracious LittlePeeps

Last night, the Little Peeps were extremely gracious as artie w6obb, and Stan wg6k invaded their frequency; especially Glen kn6z. and Moody wq6i.

Stan wg6k moves around the bands often, to see whats going on, and seems comfortable everywhere. But artie w6obb? Abandon the Elites? I smell a 'rat'...

Here's a great clip of artie saying something I am sure he 'choked' on:

As usual, the full unedited recordings are on the now HamFanz FREE Secret Page!


Anonymous said...


Down to Zero comments for last 3 days on this subject? I wonder? Such a brain below waist, or above neck? Humm?

Curious said...

What's the scuttlebutt on Art's big Mediteranian cruise last month? He didn't say one word about it when he was on the air last time and he posted no pix of it either. Highly unusual! Also, from the looks of things, they're on an Alaskan cruise right now. TWO cruises in ONE month??? Something strange happened with that Mediteranian vacation and he's being very tight lipped about it.

Anonymous said...

Someone went overboard!


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