Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tim Sheen n6mza, SK

It was reported that Tim Sheen n6mza, died in December of 2006 at the age of 45, of a sudden and massive heart attack.

Tim’s personality, on air presence, and reputation was so strong, that there was considerable doubt as to the ‘validity’ of these reports of his death. In fact, the first email I received about it on the day after his death, the sender claimed to have actually phoned the Coroner’s office in Sacramento, California, to confirm the event. Yes, dear readers, many thought that Tim was playing a ‘prank’!

The email ‘documentation’ of Tim’s passing kept arriving for months, here are copies of just two:

Today, just over 3 months after his passing, if you do a Google Search of n6mza, you will get 1,170 hits, many of the recent web pages being ‘memorials’ of sorts. Here are two:

Finally, being assured that Timmie is indeed dead; here is a final HamFanz Grudge Report. Tim Sheen n6mza, is a Silent Key. Please do add your ‘remembrances’ of Tim Sheen n6mza, to The HamFanz Grudge Report as our 'own', forever accessable, memorial.

It seemed only fitting to add our own last good-bye on this April Fools Day!

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bob said...

i sure wont miss the god dam bastard. im glad hes dead. he jammed for years on forty and seventy five meters. he was nothing but a pain in the ass drunk. ham radio is better off with that asshole now dead.


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