Monday, April 16, 2007

3840Hams.Net is Sexist

And is once again running what could be termed by some as pornographic pictures. This comes as no surprise, considering the personalities and attitudes of the male Hams that operate and control this site.

On his site, for over a week now, Steve Wingate w6txh, has pictures of the female anatomy posted in his picture ‘slot’ (no pun intended). Close up and personal, these anatomically correct offerings to the public, though they pretend to be ‘clinical’ are definitely sexual in nature. It is not difficult to discern this, just read the associated text.

Does Steve think we do not know what human female genitalia looks like? Or is it that he does not know, and has had to look up material on the web? I wonder when Steve is going to post such pictures of male genitalia? Perhaps even his own? But then, I’m sure such a pic would not take up the 4” x 4” picture area, he’d have to Photoshop it to enlarge the prick, uhhh, make that pic!

Add to this that just today, Bill Crowell w6wbj, has added a sexist slide show of his own in his slot, titled ‘Big Bottomed Girls’. Yep, you guessed it, not one male in any of the pics in this ‘slide show’. When is he going to post a slide show of ‘skinny bottomed old male Hams’? He would not have to look far for material.

To add insult to injury, there are pictures on this site that have not been changed for weeks. Not that it matters, except that how many times have we heard this bunch get on 3.840 and bitch about the pictures on not being changed or updated?

Worse yet, their ‘token’ female member, Patricia ‘Elaine’ Gibbons (and that is a whole OTHER story) wa6ube, put up a picture after being invited to do so, about two months ago, and has not changed it since! Either she is not interested in the site, once she realized what they were about, or no one explained the concept to her. Maybe a mixture of both.

If you wish to make a complaint about these explicit pictures not being behind an ‘age wall’, or that they violate a TOS, Suddenlink hosts the site, their TOS may be found at: (note #5).

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