Monday, April 09, 2007

Jim’s Tuner n7js, two weeks and counting!

It has been over two weeks now since Jim’s tuner went down. There is no ‘update’ on his site about the status of the Icom R-75’s repairs, or an approximate date when the site will again be functional.

Jim has not even posted to his private blog since Jan. 2007! Not a word on it about the Icom.

And what’s with Trish k4ze? On her blog she’s quoting the bible and talking about death! She is no longer streaming audio on her site Her latest interest seems to be videos. Jeeze...

But I digress, some SWL’s have been reduced to listening to artie’s w6obb, Pahrump Receiver; and about all that can be said about that is, it is better than nothing, and it may be better than Coast to Coast AM.

Others have actually ‘fallen back’ to the poorly edited, old ‘clips’ on SWL (or Ham stalker?) Sawyer’s audio page at:, or to the better collection of recordings to be found at . Since Jim’s Tuner is ‘down’ neither of these sites has any recent recording posted.

For those who are flush, I would like to remind you of , way back when it was free, and I am talking YEARS ago, I listened there almost every night. If you are really going nutso, it is a viable, if expensive, option.

Something that has surprised me is the lack of ‘streamers’. I would have thought that the egos that like to ‘perform’ for an audience most would have jumped in with temporary (or permanent?) streams, if not actual tuners. In fact, with the ‘squabbling’ going on amongst the ‘groups’ now, I would have thought that each group would have their own web sites with dedicated streams, hit counters, forums, and chats, to see who got the largest share of the audience.
Then again, perhaps this is just part of the death of amateur radio, and you all have just fallen apart (in many ways) since the departure of artie from the air, just as he suggested you would.

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gary42utah said...

Salt Lake receiver via wirks just fine.


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