Friday, April 27, 2007


Seldom does any week go by without some interesting, sometimes amusing, emails, including fan & hate emails, and rumors & hot tips that often need to be pursued, in one way or another. Usually such emails are routine and not worth a mention in The HamFanz Grudge Report.

But this past week, I again heard from ‘Arthur’, who uses a addie to email HamFanz – though he never gets a reply.

This time, ‘Arthur’ commented on Ben’s marriage (and Passport status), and the ‘state’ of the on air groups:

“Art Bell's continued absence from the ham bands has caused a definite change in the flavor of the two rival groups. ...the groups are becoming about as interesting as any of the other groups on any of the other amateur frequencies. ie: duscussions about antennas and gall bladder operations. “You might as well shut down the Hamfanz. It serves no pupose anymore.” (sic)

(BTW, it would be interesting to have the original ‘Arthur’ emails examined by ‘experts’, as it is my belief that the misspellings are intentional, to try to disguise the sender. They are just too ‘studied’ and simple. And certainly not consistent in all his communications.)

No purpose anymore? Perhaps HamFanz no longer suits ‘Arthur’s purpose’ but it seems to fill the needs for many others, Hams and SWL’s alike. Is Arthur intimating that Amateur Radio is dependant on Art Bell being there? Is Arthur intimating that mundane discussions are of no interest to ANYONE or just to Arthur? And just how does ‘Arthur’ have all the inside info on Ben Gardner’s kd7bcw, passport status?

(Ohhh Ben, how many of your good buddies have you shared this information with? My guess would be not too many! Perhaps ‘Arthur’ will email us when/if you actually leave for the Philippines to ‘buy’ your ‘wife’?)

I would think that one could take comfort in the fact that apparently, HamFanz, at one time, at least in ‘Arthur’s’ warped mind, DID serve a purpose, but one can’t help but wonder just what that was...

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