Saturday, August 27, 2005

THIS is a Hobby?

In the past 7 – 10 days, one person has repeatedly slammed a monthly poll on www.3840HamFans . It’s a vicious, petty, vindictive action, and I wanted to know who was doing it. What kind of person feels it necessary to spoil EVERYONE’S fun? Over days, I set a trap, and got my answer.

I have narrowed it down to a user of the ISP air-connect, in Pahrump, NV, which pretty much means it’s artie w6obb, or his flunky, air-connect owner/operator, Paul Bowman w7mag. (Feel free to contact them about this.) I doubt that some other Pahrump air-connect user (if there are any) would have any vested interest in doing this, and since the poll was about artie’s ‘baby’ the Pahrump Receiver, well...

That’s not the half of it! Over this same time period, as I was investigating the problem:
-One HAM, told me to ‘Keep my f-ing mouth shut.’
-One HAM, said “So What?” (The ‘what’ is that I put a lot of time, energy, & money into the site! And, a lot of folks enjoy it!)
-One HAM, supposedly a friend, has refused to reply to me on IM.
-A cowardly anon poster on this blog, posted ‘why don’t you just go away.’
-A cowardly anon poster on this blog, suggested I commit suicide.

Now, are these the SAME people trying to ATTRACT new folks to the hobby? If Amateur Radio is on its way out, and I think it is, as these old coots die off, WHO would want to be around people like this? Amateur Radio, or any organized hobby, is MORE than the hobby, it is the people, (and how they act in their personal lives).

I think the majority of people that hang on 3.840 FOR artie, are pathological sickies. And as an anon poster to this blog mentioned earlier, I agree that the FCC should move in and come down HARD, on all these HAMS for ALL infractions!

If these same HAMS were really interested in ‘expanding’ the hobby, you’d think they’d:
1) Clean up their acts. (“Pretty is, as pretty does!”)
2) Support www.3840HamFans and the other swl online sites.
3) Support and help set up online streaming.

In the meantime, I am NOT going away. No, indeedy, I’m gonna tighten-it-up…


liveinthewire said...

evvy wrote:

> I think the majority of people that hang on 3.840 FOR artie, are pathological sickies.

Maybe so, maybe not. For one thing, it depends on your definition of pathological; not all atypical human behavior is destructive.

One thing is for sure though evvy. If your postulate is true, you certainly get painted with the same brush. A perennial critic is as tightly involved as a sycophant.

Anonymous said...

Evvy, why don't you fuck off and die?

Anonymous said...

3840 is nothing but an Artie fan club. If Artie ever goes away the rest will too. But what would GU and Greggy-poo do without Artie I ask you ? And poor pathetic Ben, what would Ben do without Artie ? For most of these loosers this on air association Artie is the only life they will ever have... sad, sad, sad situation

liveinthewire said...

anonymous said

> these loosers this on air association

So, anonymous, why are you here? Are you saying that you, yourself, are a not a "looser," but everyone else is? Just curious, but what would say it is that makes you different from the rest of the group?

To me what's sad is the human need we all seem to have to sneer and feel superior.

Anonymous said...

"I think the majority of people that hang on 3.840 FOR artie,are pathological sickies."
Not so, 3840 would live on without Art. I think it would get even better without Art.


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