Saturday, August 06, 2005

evvy, an Art Bell Fan???

Recently, a reader of this blog posted:

>>>evvy, you must have been a big art bell fan at one time, after all you started this group,

I have listened to Art Bell most nights for many years. Since long before C2C. Since back when he was a night-time talk show host, out of Las Vegas.

It was at that time when (as an avid talk show listener), I became aware of his on air talent, and his legitimate care of his listeners/callers! (I Am not sure that applies any longer.).

I believe that during those years, his real talent was easily apparent. It was a time when he knew many of the folks who called in by their first names, especially the truckers (who depended on Art Bell on those lonely long-hauls through the desert night).

He was lucky to have one guest a week! The rest of the time it was up to his inherent talent and devices to fill the air, to get people to call in. And when there were no callers, he talked about any and everything, including HAM radio. Then there were the games: Truth & Lie, etc. This was a far different program than C2C.

Am I an Art Bell Fan? No, I don't think so, at least not in the usual connotation. I admire much about him, his broadcast and talent, his (except for moi!) tendency to have an open mind, his knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, and his obviously good business decisions.

But he is human, just like the rest of us, and I think his 'celebrity' status has gone to his head, and that's because he has allowed it too. (This is NOT to say thdoesn't doesn't have to protect himself & his family from the NUTS.)

I think he's made few major errors, in his broadcast career. One was totally 'losing' the 'old' Art Bell show. And the second was allowing himself to be influenced (mirrored, if you will) by those that ARE only Fans in the guise of Friends. So now he only sees himself by what they reflect for him and that's not likely to be reality.

Art Bell and I also have a lot in common! (Though HE doesn't want to hear about it!).

-We are the same age.
-I am also a talented person with Fans (though not many, poets donÂ’t have MANY fans, but I do have a following.)
-I understand performing and the exhaustion that follows. (BTDT)
-I would be a Libertarian if they could ever come up w/a winner.
-We have many of the same political/social views.
-We are both PUBLISHED writers.
-I am also a smoker.
-I love the desert, would live there if I could.
-Though IÂ’m not science oriented at ALL, I have a love of weather.
-I love cats, have two.
-I am a night person.
-I too, can talk to almost anyone about almost anything.

The reader went on:

>>>most people who listen to 3.840 and post in these groups i would say are art bell fans. That's why they listen not to hear the others but to hear art.

I can't speak for others, but I admit, I found the online tuners, via an Art Bell mirc group. I was very ill at the time, and missing his voice at night. So I went searching for audio clips, old shows, etc.

That said, I am a life-long radio listener! I was enthralled with radio ever since I can remember! Sitting in the front room while my Gramps peeled potatoes for dinner we listened to programs like the Lone Ranger, Amos & Andy, and Our Miss Brooks emanating from a big, brown floor model, radio in 1948. And a couple of years later, when I was allowed to stay up longer, The Shadow Knows, and other riveting mysteries.

In recent years, it's been PBS, and an alternative station (Palm Springs?) that produces original dramas once a week, and all the usual talk shows. But the buy out by Clear Channel has ended much of that. I am turning more and more to television, CNN and Fox news programming.

Once I DID find the online tuners, Amateur Radio, and SWL. I was hooked! And not just because of Art Bell! That was icing on the cake! I love Tim's Travels (especially when he had better audio) and other mobile HAMS, The Burbank Boys entertain me to no end! Timmy's jamming and singing I enjoy for short periods. Big Ben is always there with a soft voice and attitude. And lately, Melba Mac and his cows...

Who could resist a cast of 'characters' like that??? Putting their lives on air, foibles and all??? Not a radio lover! In fact, perhaps Art Bell syndicated the wrong show!

No, I would listen even if Art Bell were not there. In fact, I often listen early in the evening when he isn't on air. Some of the best 3.840 listening was on week-ends while Art did C2C and the band had just a few 'regulars', often having sane conversations.

The reader continued:

>>>so really are you that much different than Trish in that regard?

Yes, I am. I did not pursue Amateur Radio, get a license, rig, and string wire because I'm an Art Bell Fan. Nor did I ever fly to Pahrump to meet him. (He's welcome to stop by this 'smoking' apartment for coffee whenever he's in the San Diego Area.) Nor did I get a HAM call sign that emulates his. (btw, I really don't think there's anything wrong with any of that, as long as Art Bell doesn't feel imposed upon. But it IS funny!) So, I am not a 'fan' of Art Bell in the original sense of the word, 'fanatic', as the case may be with Trish.

The reason the list was originally started had absolutely nothing to do with Art Bell. It was as an alternative for the heavy handiness of Midnight Hams, which I belonged to till they booted me, which was awhile AFTER I'd started the 3.840 list. And because there were a few HAMS & SWL'S, who seemed to think that all this was as funny as I did! (Now there are a lot more!)

The question is, how can these 3.840 HAMS have such thin-skin when they get on public air and say what they say, and do what they do??? No one is forcing them. In essence, they are performing for the public, by choice.

So how can those HAM performers expect for views different from theirs not be 'aired' albeit in a different format? Surely, Art Bell, and all the HAMS, if they think it through, have to expect comments on their performances. How could they be surprised when folks point out all the gaffes, and personal quirks, of this very elite, mostly white male, affluent, and eclectic group?

Hey, I'm just the 'commentator' that rose to the top of the heap, perhaps because I'm a writer to begin with. Too bad artie doesn't have a sense of humor or he might be laughing too!


liveinthewire said...

evvy, I agree. Why is that those who "perform for the public" sometimes "have such thin skin"?

You know, somehow I had gotten the impression that YOU were one of the folks whose "'celebrity' status has gone to [her] head," and who thought that annoying critics ought to censored or bounced.

That's why I'm glad to hear that you feel that it is unreasonable to "expect for views different from theirs not be 'aired.'"

Not that it would ever happen of course, but if YOU were ever to take measures to censor a critic of your own "top of the heap" airings, you would expose yourself to charges of the most obvious kind of hypocrisy.

That's why it's so reassuring to hear you take a strong position against that kind of narrowness.

evvy said...


A critic and a troublemaker, (who just stirs it because he enjoys the smell) are totally different animals...

Yet, all these opinions are welcome here; I've never had to delete a post. (I would for excess profanity, threats, violence, etc.)

However, I have no time for critics, troublemakers, attention seekers and other crazies, here or elsewhere...

liveinthewire said...

Glad to hear that you are reformed.

> I have no time for critics

As you well know, listening to critics is a good way to improve when you are wrong, and a great way to steel yourself when aren't.

BTW, I forgot to mention, while busy being snide in my first post, that I really like your piece. I gives enough of yourself to hold the reader's interest, delivers some perspicatious criticism, and includes a couple uninversal truths to give it substance. Well written, it's your best in a while in my not-very-humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

evvy why did you buy,, and Can you answer that question?

evvy said...

>>>Anonymous said...
evvy why did you buy,, and Can you answer that question?

Neither I, nor purchased those domains. However, I thought it was a great idea, and I agreed to HOST them when approached by the 'buyer'.

liveinthewire said...

> I thought it was a great idea

So, someone you know bought all the popular domains for a call sign that did not belong to him, and like a dog in the manger left none for call sign holder to use.

What aspect of this meddlesome and unkind behavior appealed to you as "a great idea"?


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