Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Male Morons!

The full moon and an excess of testosterone again combined to give us a peek into the ‘real men’ that populate 3.840, and made full-blown fools of all of them in the process! Yet most of these jerks are quick to be the ‘first to throw stones’ at anyone else. Hypocrites all! Last night’s scores:

-8 to Greg Sousa w6ezv for the out and out, repeated, threats against Steve Wingate. “I’m gonna bring three gallons of gasoline, sprinkle it around your house and light a match.” This actually escalated to Greg Sousa REQUESTING that anyone who was within close driving distance to Steve’s home should to go “take care of the problem.” These threats made my hair stand on end; there are people out there just crazy enough to do as requested! His wife should cut him off for a month if not more!

-6 to Steve Wingate k6thx for the foul language. I had nothing against the content of his meanderings, but the EXCESSIVE foul language, provoked or not, is way above and beyond, even for THESE liberal ears. I think George Carlin could add a few new invectives to HIS list from Steve’s profane vocabulary. This score would have been worse, except that Steve seemed to sober up a little as the night went on. Steve should have to go to an AA meeting every day for a month!

-5 to Art Bell w6obb who at the beginning actually instigated the confrontation. THEN when the going got rough, artie got going! He NEVER said another word, meaning he never tried to ‘calm’ anyone down. The old 'hit & run' technique my older sister mastered so well as a chld, as MOST kids do, artie uses repeatedly, with aplomb! The ‘master of manipulation’ had done it again, hit & run. artie should have to come live with ME for a month! I cured my sister, I could also cure him of this extremely nasty habit.

-5 to Art Bell who PRACTICED the supreme form of control, as I absolutely KNEW he would sooner or later, and it happened to be sooner, by NOT replaying last night’s recordings TODAY. (So what GOOD is the highly [self] touted Pahrump Receiver? Many complain they can’t get in (I must admit I haven’t had that problem). You have to ‘ping’ it every hour to keep it going, so you can't record, and it’s going to be edited by artie whenever he chooses. The Lord of the Loop speaks again!)

-4 To Jim Watson ki6gu for taking a picture from the http://www.3840HamFans@yahoogroups/ list, where he’s been a non-participant on ‘no-mail’ status, by choice, for months. The picture in question was part of a set awaiting uploading to the 3840HamFans picture album. He posted this pic on HamCams, simply to please artie and curry his favor! Though he DID credit HamFans for the pic, he certainly KNOWS how to reach me on Messenger and via email! Jim has been asked repeatedly to NOT infringe on copywrited list materials by posting them without permission. Obviously, it’s more important to Jim to please artie then abide by federal copywrite laws. Jim should have to read the entire American copywrite law! (btw Jim, it's easily found on the net.)

-3 to all the OTHER, minor, participants of this debacle. Why did they not just go elsewhere? Or ignore Steve??? No, they choose to participate in their own small (and I do mean small) ways. In the end, they all contributed to what must be one of the lowest moments in HAM radio, OR helped to put on a good 'show', depending on how you want to look at it. This segment of 'the group' should all have to stay totally SILENT, no matter what the conversation; no, not one word to anyone, other than to ID as legally required, for two consecutive nights on 3.840.

I can’t help but wonder what these ‘macho’ men would think if they KNEW recordings of this ego driven, male moron, mob mentality, psychologically sick, drivel, had been sent to their mothers, wives, significant others, sisters, nieces? Or if they opened their morning papers to see it PRINTED in entirety, on the front page for all to read???


Anonymous said...

Evvy, you are getting nuttier and nuttier as time goes on! First of all, what is the basis for your claim that the picture of Stevie Winegulp was copyrighted? Second, it is simply hilarious that you claim to be a poet, yet you can't even spell!

Anonymous said...

I'm a (non-3840) ham who blundered onto those goings on the other nite while tuning around the band.

The drunk was bad enough. And he WAS bad. I have never heard anything like that on Ham radio and hope I never hear anything like that again.

But then there was the baiting, the threats, the music, the sound effects, the people talking over each other, the people playing recordings over each other, the CW IDers going off in the middle of other people's transmissions, you name it. What a 3-ring circus! Enough bad operating by enough bad operators to last a lifetime.

I heard people asking why the FCC hasn't done anything about the drunk, whoever he was (I didn't hear him ID while I was listening). Well be glad they haven't. Because if they REALLY wanted to clean up that mess, they would have to throw **everybody's** sorry behind off the air.

There's one sure-fire way to deal with the few belligerent drunks you might run into on Ham radio from time to time. It's that big knob in the middle of the radio. I was sorry to see that the folks on that frequency haven't learned how to use it yet. What? They had to stay there and defend "their" frequency? Horse hockey. Nobody owns a frequency on amateur radio. Go away and come back tomorrow night. A drunk can't fight with anybody when there's nobody there to fight with.

evvy said...

>>>I'm a (non-3840) ham

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments. It's nice to have someone sane, other than moi' of course, speak up!

Anonymous said...

Evvy, your website really sucks. Why can't you make it more like Patricia Ray's site? She really knows her html. I would suggest that you ask Trish for suggestions about how to improve your site. You could also ask her for some health and beauty advice.

Anonymous said...

And people say that the removal of CW requirements for HF privileges will cause problems? How about we just get rid of the drunk belligerent nuts and go on with life being happy.

Regarding Artie's online receiver, I have never been able to get in...maybe someone with REAL bandwidth should host it.


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