Wednesday, August 06, 2008



A brief 'wrap up' if you will, of some recent changes:

- Few, if any pics have been changed on by Paul Bowman w7mag.

- Ditto add to that Jim Southwick's n7js, pic slot is empty, is that temp or permanent? (quick, everyone, go put the theme of 'A Summer Place' on your web site!). Give us a break - take the site DOWN. Are we having fun yet, scotty???

- by Steve Wingate k6txh, has some EXCELLENT new pics up, most hysterically funny, I might add. (Hey, SteveO, hope your neighbor is not just going on a vacation!). And there's no fecal material anywhere in sight!

-The brand new Little Peeps page, by Terry kb5b, which actually had some non x-rated potential, has more or less closed by posting this message:

Well, the web site lasted two weeks. I was able to withstand fat jokes, religious concerns, etc. etc. but when my "LOYALITY" was questioned because I had a link to Hamfanz website came up in an email. That is enough, as always I treated everyone with the same respect I would like to receive. I don't dislike someone because they don't like some other of my friends. For crying out loud people, grow up..... if we all didn't talk to people that the others dislike we would not be talking to anyone....
Therefore and henceforth, the website is discontinued as it is known now

Terry didn't even get a chance before they piled on him. Sad to say, but there are many of us who could have told him what to expect...

- The LittlePeeps Log by Glen Thurman kn6z, now has a 'slot' labeled "k6uey Orv’s pre-need slot." Good luck on THAT...

- The Pahrump Receiver. Getting reports that all anyone ever gets is band noise. Did artie leave someone in 'control' or not, and who is it?

-And yes, artie is off to the PI AGAIN, leaving 'susie' behind with his laptop, to try to bait the HamFanz Chatters. And no, no one seems to be missing him on Ham Radio, except perhaps Jim Watkins ki6gu, and Scotty k7mix, and I sure haven't asked them personally...

-The scat on scotty k7mix, is that he is scrambling to keep his job and his house. (All at once now, say: 'ohhhhhhh poor scotty').

- The behind the scenes question (among many!) regarding Ben Gardner kd7bcw, and his new wife Cherry is just HOW much did his MOM have to fork out for her son's new 'toy'???

Just a bunch of 'little stuff' folks, not one of which is big enough for a full blown HamFanz Grudge Report, but as we all know, "inquiring minds," etc.


Anonymous said...

Evvy, Most interesting about Scottys place over in Vegas, I think he's in Henderson actually, which is the low-rent district compaired to Vegas, but I could be wrong. gives some info on it as well as the Clark County Recorders Office. Now as I recall Sotty has always tried to play the "Keep up with Artie game" with reguard to who has the most, latest and best stuff. I bet most Casino Employees there are worried, bookings bown, real estate tanked there and prices are still in free-fall. Damm Scottie, it sucks to be you but since you have always approached things here with a IF YOU HAVE TO ASK YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT attitude, no problem right ?

Billy said...

Evvy, I think you're on to something here.

Wasn't it obvious how the Elites had absolutely nothing in common except their desire to kiss Art's ass, just like the BlankTards? So as soon as Art goes away, the Elites/BlankTards have no reason to get on the air.

And yes, Evvy, I hope you will pursue the question of whether Art or Ben's mommy paid for his trip to Manila to get a filipina bride. It had to be either Art or Ben's mommy, because he's too dumb, and too much of a loser, to be able to afford such a trip himself.

Oh Bu-Hu said...

from a previous Grudge:

"...By the way, I'm living in the lap of luxury, 750K home, beautiful wife, and all the rest. I understand that you're all alone and living on welfare. Gee, I wonder who the bright one is here?.."

Since you "axed", here's the scoop on YOUR real estate investment:

" houses are dragging prices down..."

"...Nevada had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation in the second quarter of the year, according to data from Calif.-based RealtyTrac Inc. In Las Vegas, one in every 35 households received a foreclosure notice last quarter -- the third-highest rate of any city in the country..."

So, the burning question is: how do you pull equity out of a $750K home when foreclosures are driving down its value?

Move to Pahrump, maybe?

Anonymous said...

KI6GU's webpage is kinda boring....


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