Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Murder and Mayhem

Murder and Mayhem

You could almost put it on your calendar; Friday night Steve Wingate wg6txh will get on air while under the influence. And we get to hear all about the shortcomings of our current President. (I have many, many recordings of this phenomenon!)

With this comes the ‘baiters’, those circling, shark like HAMS (of which Greg Sousa w6ezv seems to be the most adamant) who try, for whatever nefarious and personal reasons, to get Steve wound up even further. (Sex IS better when there are two!)

As if all this weren’t predictable enough, when you add other, strong willed type HAMS and a full moon to the mix, as happened last Friday night, the result is mayhem. The testosterone level is deep, accusations and counter-accusations fly.

This is always on TOP of the fact that there are a number of HAMS who absolutely insist that radios, antennas, and lives, be conducted only in the manner in which THEY deem appropriate! If any of these people (some of which claim to be Libertarian!), have ever heard of the concept of live and let live, it just passed in one ear and out the other without ever taking up residence inside a brain for any given length of time for thought or consideration.

But I digress. Last Friday night was a corker! Steve Wingate, who seemed to be under the influence of ‘something’, none the less was cogent if often loud and irate. He probably kept many laughing with his description of how crisp the green beans were that were served to him while he was locked up in a Mental Hospital for a 72 hour evaluation.

He also had some legitimate thoughts and experiences to share about what he’d learned about REALLY psychotic people while there. No one wanted to hear this. Instead of engaging in a conversation where they had to opportunity to ask questions and actually learn something about Mental Illness, the on air hams continued to make fun of Steve and Mental Illness in general.

Then the conversation turned to Billie n6ayj; Steve accused Art Bell of ‘putting out a contract’ on Bill Crowell’s life. That Greg Sousa had called Bill Crowell and ‘delivered’ the message for Art. That n6ayj had left the country (and the air) because of this.

Greg did not deny any of this. If fact he said he’d ‘do’ Steve for free. The clips can be found at: (http://www.hamfanz.com/Audio/MidnightMadness.html )

I did contact Bill Crowell n6ayj, he also did not deny this, but more or less said ‘no comment’. I did ask a couple of other HAMS about this. My usual contacts also had a ‘no comment’, whereas I’d really expected an “oh, it’s all a bunch of BS, the ravings of a drunk”. But it would seem that even my contacts have circled the wagons on this one.

This has gone WAY beyond Friday night testosterone, or Full Moon Madness. Even if NONE of this is true, laws have been broken by the accusers; slander, false accusations, etc. And if it IS true, I would truly hope that the proper authorities have been notified and appropriate charges filed.

I thought a long time and at great length before reporting on this, finally deciding that I’d feel terrible if something (even inadvertently!) happened to Bill Crowell. Even if the reality was that ‘I’ was being ‘set up’ (which some HAMS try to do with regularity), I decided to document what’s happening, post it in the GRUDGE Report, and file the clips away, for everyone’s safety, and my own peace of mind. And in the hopes that sanity will prevail here, and that the parties involved will re-think their actions, all of them!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if this is somehow connected to all the "Gun" pictures we've been treated too the last week on Hamcams.com .... Hummmmmm the plot thickens....

evvy said...
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Bill Crowell said...

Art very kindly contacted me and informed me that he never threatened me. I believe him, and I appreciate that he took the time and trouble to so advise me. I wish him good luck and hope that his grief will lessen greatly with the passage of time.

Carl Richardson said...

I do believe that is the biggest pile of feces I have ever heard. Anyone that thinks Art Bell would take out a contract on anyone has got to be out of there mind. When you are in the public eye such as Art, don’t you think that would be the last thing he would do. And as for motive, I don’t think that someone being a jerk on the radio is motive enough to have them killed. It’s to easy to just take a break from radio or move on to a different frequency. I can not believe some of the things people come up with where Art is concerned. Art Bell has enough problems in his life right now; he surely doesn’t have time for this kind of nonsense. I would be more concerned with Art’s safety with a stalker such as Steve around all the time and his apparent infatuation of Mr. Bell. I personally think Mr. Wingate needs serious help, I believe he is a danger to himself and others involved in this fiasco. Let hope that action is taken soon, before someone is really hurt. I would recommend that the next time Steve’o decides to get on the air, just let him sit there and talk to his alien friends all by his lonesome. This stupidity has got to stop somewhere!


Anonymous said...

While tuning down the band last night (2/17 UTC) to see if 3Y0X was on, I came across another confrontation between TXH and EZV. Both used foul language; EZV made threatening and intimidating epithets.

TXH is bad enough. But lately, EZV is even worse.

I'm not concerned about this crap from the standpoint of listening to it. I don't have to. I can turn the dial. But it's time that both of these examples of the worst about Amateur Radio had their wings clipped. They are giving the rest of us a bad name.

If the operator of this blog does indeed have recordings of some of these goings-in, they should be forwarded to rholling@fcc.gov

I can understand Riley not wanting to take sides in a childish squabble. But now both sides are out of control.

evvy said...

1) If Riley wants to hear them, he can go to the site, where some clips are posted and redily available...

2) That's not the email I have for Riley...

Anonymous said...

I have two different emails for Riley.

And your attitude about reporting violations seems to be sort of arrogant.

Anonymous said...

(This is for Artie Bell and and his henchman Greg Sousa. Hope you like being trappled forever in HELL!)

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