Monday, February 06, 2006

Listening Between the Lines

Listening Between the Words

Not having Jim ki6gu, Bill wb6bnq, Billie n6ayj, Timmie n5mza, and Steve kg6txh around to throw wrenches (and often well thought out ideas – not to mention funnies) into the over greased and slick wheel of ‘the group’ (I will have to come up with a ‘cutesy’ name as Big Ben kd7bcw, calls my descriptive labels), has been a major loss to most SWL’s and indeed, many HAMS, if they have the mental and emotional fortitude to admit it.

The list of ‘outcasts’ is growing long, is it not?

Many have been driven out of the group during the past two years, for one transgression or another. Transgressions often related to being human (no excuses allowed, no explanations asked for, no real forgiveness offered).

Yep, they’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, to leave and not come back; had their spots removed from HamCams, and their names and calls put on some invisible ignore list.

Have NONE of the judgmental, perfect human beings, who are making the decisions of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, of what is ‘acceptable’ or ‘not’, for everyone, ever heard of glass houses and throwing the first stone?

Perhaps next week, one of these ‘Moral Majority’ Hams will do or say something that will get them ousted. You never know. After they come for ‘me’, they WILL come for ‘you’.

I think an immediate, double dose of ‘live and let live’, ‘take your OWN inventory’, and MYOB (mind your OWN business) is desperately needed by some of these HAMS. And the ones that don’t need these remedies, should take the high road, and PRACTICE the above. Lead by doing!

Then there are those HAMS who, for whatever reasons, just do not want to participate any longer, and have disappeared from the group, like Karen w6so. Is there any wonder why?

Then there is a still another long list of HAMS who used to participate regularly and are now just occasional visitors like Trish k4ze, and Mac w7lw. Is there any wonder why?

But what’s worse perhaps than all of the above is the automatic and subconscious practice of ‘group think’ that is going on here. The HAMS that are still with the “IN” group (insert cutesy moniker), are not allowed to mention the ousted, or the out of favor HAMS on air. I am positively sure that behind the scenes, HAMS are taken to task, via email or messenger, when this strongly reinforced unspoken (literally) ‘rule’ is inadvertently breeched.
I am the first one to admit that a certain amount of decorum, manners if you will, should prevail on air MOST of the time. But not ALL of the time. People are people! And each person is different. People are going to act like themselves, on and off air, including dictators, directors, and followers!

I am NOT saying that truly bad on air behavior should be condoned; it shouldn’t, displeasure should be conveyed to the miscreant (and to the FCC), and ignoring the party, completely and totally, by those that CHOOSE to do so, should be the extent of the action, period. Anything more is vigilantism…

I am saying that the ‘group’ (insert cutesy moniker) does not have the moral or legal or social obligation they seem to feel, to exclude people. By taking on that self appointed, self righteous ‘role’ they have inadvertently lessened themselves (perhaps even more than the wrong doers!), their hobby, and their on air lives.

How sad! How mundane! How low class! How cliquish! How unthinking! How unbelievably predictable of the ‘IN’ (insert cutesy moniker) group! And what a loss for everyone involved (including SWL’s and commentators). Hasn’t there been enough loss???


Carl Richardson said...

Well I have to respond to this one, and I want to make something very clear. Amateur Radio Operators are not on the air to entertain SW Listeners, We are not broadcasters, DJ’s and talk radio host, some of us may be employed in those fields, but that’s not why we are on ham radio, we enjoy conversing with our fellow with similar interest as us.

We enjoy discussing our radios, antennas, station setups. Emergency communications, contest, special events stations, hamsats/amsats, Computers, our jobs, our lives ect..

We don’t do this to entertain anyone that may be listening. We do it to make new friends on the air and relieve stress from our everyday lives. We also get on the air to help in emergency response.

The last thing we need is on the air conflicts and more stress. When there are people that insist on interfering with our round table QSO’s when they where not invited to begin with, then they are interfering with our enjoyment of our hobby. Yes we tend to not want them around.

If they are not interested in our discussions there are hundreds more taking place on the bands. They are welcome to find a vacant frequency and start there own little group and discuss the things they are interested in. They are not permitted to cause intentional malicious interference!

They are not permitted to jam transmissions, and it’s not expectable for them to come on and insult someone just to be insulting someone.

Contrary to what some have stated, part 97 of the FCC rules are there to prevent this type of problem. We are a self regulating group so he have to take the responsibility to follow the rules and regulations to keep our hobby enjoyable.

Yeah I know there are throes that are not going to agree with my comments, so be it. To those people that may replay or attack me for making these comments, save your breath, I don’t care to hear what you have to say.

Have a nice day!

Carl Richardson KB5FJX

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Carl.

I get on the air to have fun. Not to entertain SWLs. That's not meant as an insult to SWLs, I started life as one, as did many hams.

But Lordie, why would I want to sit there and listen to GU incessantly bitch about why his Advanced Class license is more valuable than my Extra class when he's never taken the Extra exam; AYJ jamming and playing music; TXH's drunken rants; or any other unpleasantness for that matter?

That's why they put the big knob on the radio.

I rarely get on 75 meters because it's pretty much a wasteland. But when I do, I go up the band a ways into the General-Class segment and talk to some nice guys, musicians, who I have something in common with. Everybody respects everybody else, nobody cares what license class the other guys are. We talk about antennas, audio, music, our wives and kids, lots of stuff that's only interesting to US. We make an effort to hear each other instead of kicking in the attenuator and turning down the RF gain and only working people who run 1500 watts. It's fun and good social interaction.

As far as the other stuff, the soap operas on other frequencies, who needs the aggravation?

Carl Richardson said...

I am glad to hear there are others out there that prefer to have fun and not reek havoc.
I didn’t and don’t intend to offend any of the SW listeners either, but I am not there to be a source of entertainment for them. I know a lot of hams where originally SWL, Scanner listeners and so on and I am glad they crossed over to our ranks. I do hope that they got into ham radio for the right reasons, and not to conduct themselves like CBer’s. I know there is a lot of reason to become involved in ham radio, but hate and discontent is not one of them. If you intend to get into ham radio for that purpose, PLEASE DON’T! Go to CB radio.

From what I have seen over the past few years, there are those out there that seem to like this type of communication, they find arguing and insulting folks stimulating, I for one DO NOT!

I hope everyone out there that listens to us enjoys themselves, please don’t be offended if you don’t find our topics of discussion interesting to you. We are there for ourselves and no one else.

Yes there are times when we are there for others, but that is in times of disaster and public service.

By the way Evvy, sorry for increasing your work load, but that is a part of maintaining web sites, Blogs and forums for public use.

Everyone have a great day and 73,


Bill Crowell said...

I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended with my on-the-air behavior. I should never have allowed myself to be sucked into the dispute that I became involved in. It was really none of my business, and I should have kept my mouth shut and let the directly-affected parties resolve it themselves. And, once I let myself be sucked into the dispute, I should never have allowed the level of disputation to reach the point that it did. I sincerely apologize for my behavior and wish to take responsibility for it. I am going to be going QRT for the foreseeable future in order to demonstrate my good faith in the matter. I am extremely sorry that I apparently interfered with others' enjoyment of their hobby. As I said, I want to take full responsibility for my behavior, so if anyone has any suggestions as to other actions I can take (besides going QRT or committing suicide) to try to atone for my conduct, or to try to make the situation right, please email me at to tell me what you think I should do. Please forgive me. Bill Crowell, N6AYJ

KI6GU said...

Thanks for the Grudge report Evvy. I agree with your assessment of
the situation but many of us who are no longer active in the former
3840 group are still on 3840 every single night after midnight.
It's just that many of the "SWL's" listen on the internet and there
is no receiver tuned to 3840 any more. So, even though there is no
internet access for the moment, most of us are still quite active on
3840. I have started jokingly referring to 3840 as "the wrong side
of the tracks" and "the bad part of town" in contrast to steadfast
morally superior A-1 operaTOR's you now hear on the Pahrump
receiver. My their conversations are so much more interesting,
stimulating and thought provoking without the detractors don't you
think? Oh and Hamcams is certainly a much better place without all
those horrible pictures KI6GU used to post every week. Regardless
of whatever lame justifications are given, what we are really
talking about here is free speech. Maybe we should follow the lead
of the radical Islamists who propose cutting off the hands of the
cartoonists who dared ridicule the Prophet Muhammad. Is that where
we are headed in this country with our thin skins and political
correctness. If you don't like what you hear on ham radio, fight
the fire with fire. It's only words and if the words were not at
least partially true, they would not have generated such a
reaction. I say quit sniveling, grow up and get over it.


Bill Crowell said...

No, Jim, it's not only words. It may start out that way, with you repeatedly making mean, hurtful statements to your so-called "friends", but you then try to enlist other peoples' support in those petty disputes of your own making, and if they do support you, then you maneuver them into being the "bad guy" while you try to distance yourself from the dispute and let your so-called "friends" twist slowly in the wind. And you are quite skillful in this endeavor, indicating to me that you have had quite a bit of practice in doing so in the past. All in all, a rather angry and hostile way to treat your friends, just like your angry and hostile words that caused the problem in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I can't keep track of who is who's friend or foe on the radio.
Jim N7JS

liveinthewire said...

evvy, I agree that the group is diminished by each departure. But, after you censored my posts, and after you recently kicked Steve from your list, it smells hypocritical to be castigating others for their selectivity. Talk about glass houses . . .

Bill Crowell said...

Well, wasn't that special! Jim was on the air again last night, accusing me of being a liar, which he likes to do when he's not accusing me of being insane. He's just proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the biggest ingrate who ever came down the pike. This is how he treats someone who tried to help him when he was desperate and under attack, and who came to his aid when nobody else would. Beware of this guy. He has so much anger and hostility that he inevitably betrays every friendship.

Bill Crowell said...

Oh, my! I forgot that it was only words! How could I have been so silly?


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