Monday, July 21, 2008

The Little Peeps and

Good Job

It absolutely had to happen, The Little People Network. The surprise was that it did not happen sooner!

Glen Thurman’s web site, The Little People Log, is just that, a log.
Though most probably enjoy the fruits of kn6z’s painstaking, night after night work, and keeping track of the Barneys etc, there is no interactivity.

The Little Peeps are ‘graced’ in that artie w6obb (the Lord of the Loop) smiles upon their group (even sometimes joins them), therefore their audio gets streamed though the Pahrump Receiver.

With the addition of , they now have a place to post their own pics, comments, questions, and polls. (Go make a comment, or ask a question!)

(Perhaps a future place where they can stream audio if artie cuts them off?)

The Little People’s Network is well laid out, (obviously a template, but hey!), pleasing to the eye (other than terribly small text in the body of the page!), has a few well-known links (but not one to HamFanz!), and a potential to grow into a strong component for the Little Peeps AND their listeners. However, the page tends to 'hang' up IE7...THAT needs to be fixed!

Good for them!


Martin said...

Very good Evvy.
This is your Prose as I read.
Not to sure if it will atract much attention.
Martin (W7RU)

Billy said...

Well, to start with, I can't make any sense of W7RU's post, above, as usual. Martin, do you have some kind of an organic brain defect?

Evvy, I disagree with you about the "hamminitup" website. I think it is very lame. But then again, so are the Little People.

No wonder ham radio is dying! Put it out of its misery!

Anonymous said...

A plug for a symposium of lameness who cowtail to a middle aged monotone egomanic who lives with his parents? Amazing!

Martin said...

Bill and Evvy you are a great team with this website. However, you are singular among yourselves in perception. Bill did you forget about the O in DecOrate? LOL
Some read between the lines.

Martin said...

I would say to the Anonymous person.
Should explain.

(East is East,and West is West). Of course,never the Twain shall meet.


Anonymous said...

Form the comments it appears the near-do-wells and the Socipathic Misfits do not approve of the Little People, KUDOS!! The "Little People" must be doing some thing right !!

r. f. burns said...

It's just a website. Anyone can put one up nowadays. Lame or otherwise. What I want to know is why did Art Bell (and now Orv Dalton) upgrade to Extra? Is there another group in the Extra portion of the band that these guys are talking to?

Billy said...

Martin, it would be a shame if a mentally-challenged person like you had to work for a living. You should speak to Kd7BCW about how to get on Social Security Disability for your psychological disability. And even if you never paid into S.S. because you couldn't hold down a job, don't let that stop you! You can get Supplemental Security Income instead, just like all your loser friends have done.

Martin, you're such a loser that I don't even know where to begin. But to start with, where did you ever get the idea that I live with my parents? My father is dead, and my mother lives nowhere near here. WTF???

r. f. burns said...

Martin, I have to agree with Billy on this one. You only make sense to yourself. Don't worry buddy, you are strange enough to be a ham radio operator, so just keep on reading between the lines WTFTM.

r. f. burns said...

Oh darn ! Terry KB5B has already given up on his little people web site. Did any of the questions posed to Terry ever come up on the air?


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