Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Jim ki6gu, and Greg w6ezv, Show

Is anyone surprised that still another ‘switch and split’ is well underway? I think not! Most of these hams apparently never learned the concepts or value of such ideas as: loyalty, live and let live, or mind your own business!

If the ‘splitting’ of groups continues at this pace, the ‘once’ group of hams that gathered on 3740 a few years back, are going to be split into 1) The Little People and 2)The Short Attention Span Network. Then there will be 3) a hundred other hams, each sitting on one frequency with no one to talk too, and futility hoping someone will drop by!

Some of the recent exchanges certainly left me laughing. In fact, during one such recent transmission, the refrain of Pick-a-Little-Talk-a-Little-Cheep-Cheep-Cheep popped right into my mind. It is from the movie, Music Man, 1962. (And a BIG thanks to the person that found the audio clip for me! You know who you are…)

Give a listen, doesn’t this sound just like Jim ki6gu and Greg w6ezv lately! (What a couple of crabby old harpies!)

BTW, There are HOURS of recordings of The Jim ki6gu, and Greg w6ezv, Show that I will be posting to the SECRET PAGE soon (well a few at a time!).


Billy said...

Evvy, I'm starting to think that Greg and Jim aren't too psychologically well-adjusted.

Tom said...

Hi Evvy,

You wrote:
"Then there will be 3) a hundred other hams, each sitting on one frequency with no one to talk too, and futility hoping someone will drop by!"

I just had a curious looking integrated circuit
removed from my brain. Some
would call it a "chip".

Now, I am dedicated to hang
out on 3840 or on *any* unused frequency on the 75 meter band.

One just has to call "CQ"
and be friendly. In seconds, hundreds of hams will drop by and talk to you.


KE6YNH, 73
San Diego, CA

Billy said...

Hi, Tom! Your QSO sounds like fun. I'd like to check into it sometime soon.


Billy The Bill Collector, W6WBJ


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