Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Art Bell w6obb, ‘Show’ is Back!

From staying off air, to talking to a few close worshipers on closely guarded frequencies now and again, to spending an entire evening with the Little People and getting snubbed big time, (and yes, I do have the recordings, they will be posted on The Secret Page!) artie has gathered his remaining cult-of-the-loop members on 3.830.

I cannot even begin to imagine the time, cost, and energy that artie must have spent in the behind the scene work, but he HAS pulled it all together. This last weekend was good – after midnight listening! (Again, the recordings, at least of Friday night, will be temporarily uploaded to the Secret Page!)

‘Jamming’ has been at a minimum, so far. Steve Wingate k6txh, (or recordings of) were injected Sunday evening, but were sporadic. (Does artie buy ‘em off, threats, or what?).

The usual suspects are involved: Art Bell w6obb, Jim Watkins ki6gu, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Scott Barris k7mix, and a ‘drop’ in cast of many Hams. Carl Richardson kb5fjx, artie’s brother in law in Arkansas, and someone we don’t hear from very often anymore, even checked in (though you could barely copy him) one night.

Art Bell claims to be retired, and in pursuit of his hobby; but this, even though on Amateur Radio, is a planned and formatted artie production. They are setting up a ‘phone patch’ through Skype. They are using a real time chat (more later!). Of interest, artie is doing NONE of this scut work, his minions are volunteering their time and energy (and funds?).

This group of hams has not adopted a formal name, but of course, they are still The Elites!


Anonymous said...

I see nothing has changed with Mr Bell. Once again he is using everyone else to bolster his sick ego. Wonder why these people are so dam stupid to let this asshole make them provide all the communication links so his stupid followers can kiss Mr Bells ass.
I remember many years ago how he would put his phone patch on the air for all to hear the stupid dial tone just to prove his patch works, but not once did he ever take a call from anyone. He always managed to have Bob in San Jose do the phone patching for the Praise the Lord of Amateur Radio. When are all these stupid assholes going to realize they are being used by this sick bastard just to inflate his sunken ego ? And now we hear of his upcoming trip to Europe. Wonder what the odds are he will come home alone, with something so sad happening to the wife and kid. Then we will have the o so tragic broadcast as to how sad he is, how alone he is, and then all of a sudden he will run off again and marry some little weak minded kid again. Do us all a favor Art, stay in Europe and dont ever come back.

r. f. burns said...

I think he's going to Europe more for himself than for Airyn. It won't be much fun for Airyn carrying a one year old around everywhere. The old fart wants to do it because he knows he'll be dead soon.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet you are correct that Art doesn't help with anything! Poor Airyn. O Well, the cigarettes will get him soon and it will all be worth ($) it for her.

It appears Carl and Sharon are the only true romance from all of the buy yourself a girl guys.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like Art, he's ok in my book. Thanks to Art my station (and my car) are paid for. You'd be surprised what a little kindness can do for you.

Anonymous said...

Seriously - I think it would be great for your web page to have a frequency and time guide to listen to these guys. Im in the midwest, and since you know when they are on I think you would be a great help to the rest of us. I would also like to see you blog a list of your favorite ham frequencies that you like to listen to. Thanks.

evvy garrett said...

anon said:
Seriously - I think it would be great for your web page to have a frequency and time guide to listen to these guys.

I would also like to see you blog a list of your favorite ham frequencies that you like to listen to. Thanks

NOTED: Please see new list of online tuners listed on left side of this page.


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