Wednesday, April 01, 2009

HamFanz Birthday!

Tongue Out

HamFanz is 5 years old today! (Notice it was started on April Fool's Day; how perfect is THAT!)

So, throw the confetti! Make a toast! Five years of the TRUTH about many a HAM! HamFanz=excellent reporting (thanks to excellent SOURCES, you know who you are!)

I just know the CONGRATS are gonna come rolling in...and it would be nice if you'd hit that PayPal button to show your appreciation!

Here's to 5 MORE years!


Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Evvy, congrats on this milestone. HamFanz is a reasonably consistent source of entertainment, especially when there's late-breaking news about our friends Art Bell, Steve Wingate, and his neighbors. I personally would rather tune in to your board than listen to more broadcasts by George Noory.

Thank you kindly.


Anonymous said...

And a fun and interesting 5yrs. it has been. I wish you another 5 yrs. if you should decide to do so.

I hope you are making strides in attacking your illness. You have been very strong as it seems you have had to do the exhausting treatments and recovery all alone. Blessings.

Billy said...

Evvy, how's your arm feeling? I noticed that you were using it quite strenuously to pat yourself on the back, and hope you didn't make your arm muscles sore.

Sorry, but I don't think your reporting has been quite at the level that you seem to think it is.


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