Monday, February 16, 2009

Airyn 'preggers' again?

Did anyone besides me notice, in the most recent pic of Airn (in the red dress), holding Aisia, ( that it looks like an early 'preggers' dress and a 'baby bump'???


Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Hey, don't look at me. I wasn't in the area.

Billy said...

God, Evvy, you really have a sick sense of humor! The very idea of an old piece of shit like Art Bell still being able to make sperm makes me want to hurl my breakfast. No, Airyn's not pregnant. It's just the way she is holding Asia on her right hip that makes her tummy stick out a little bit.

Jesus, even THINKING about that crusty, dirty, smoking old fart molesting that young child makes me depressed! Don't make such SICK jokes, Evvy!

Anonymous said...

My gosh. This a good natural expansion in life if so. Is Great. :-) Though some may not solve guidance with offspring well, yester years. Let us hope that we all turn into proper fertilizer when we die.
God Bless

Billy said...

That last post was from W7RU. Martin tries to remain anonymous because he can't write a cogent sentence, but his nonsensical writing style is quite transparent and identifiable/

W7RU said...

Of course. Text in short express. If you can. Why not expand more?
Sure your phonemes when you were born. We all phonetically express our life. It is called communication. When in text can be truncated.

Why sure not said...

I don't think so. Not time this anyway. What Billy if can so it?

Heinz von Eschwege said...

Martin is either not a native speaker of English or his brain processes are messed up. Why is Art Bell keeping this second baby a secret? He has always bragged about his potency in the past.

W7RU said...

My first sentence in Baby book was. "No Puppy down, Mine Trike" As Mom heard that puppy walked and put paws on back part of my tricycle. Love our babys. huu?


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