Thursday, January 19, 2006

Art Bell Rebuilding

Art Bell: Rebuilding a life

Art Bell Is taking those first few painful steps to return to his life, albeit a totally changed one.

If there’s one consolation Art has, it’s the knowledge that many of us, in one way or another, have walked in those same shoes, and have made it through the pain and grief, have rebuilt lives, just as he can.

It was good to not only hear him on air last night, talking with his HAM buddies, but being open with them about his difficulties with shopping and cooking (LOL), but also sharing and comparing the process of grief.

Later in the night, after I went to bed, I listened to part of Coast to Coast AM and heard George Noory announce that Art Bell would be doing this Sunday’s broadcast.

I was almost asleep as I heard this, and there was no announcement on the c2c website today, so I am completely unsure of my facts.

But I thought George Noory, sounded not only a little put out, as he talked about Art broadcasting on Sunday(s?), but also kind of snide or condescending as he insisted it was what Art Bell wanted, to keep busy. And that he’d “broadcast this Sunday, and after that, well, we’ll see.”

Even in my almost ‘sleep’ state, I couldn’t help but wonder at the dynamics flowing here: between Premiere Radio, George Noory and Art Bell? Does Art have contractual arrangements with Premiere Radio? Is Noory feeling insecure about Art reclaiming ONE night a week of what was unquestionably once, only Art’s domain???

I hope this specific transition goes smoothly for all, including Art returning to broadcast radio, as many nights as he wants. George Noory IS good, but let’s face it, Art Bell IS what goes ‘bump’ in the night…

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