Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Congrats, Trish!

Last weekend, Trish - ki4dvf passed her 'General' test!!!! Trish is a long-time friend of mine, and I'm just tickled 'pink' at her success!

Now she's studying for her Extra, which she expects to take (and pass) soon. In her spare time, she's working on her Antenna and Rig!

Won't be long before she's on air with the BIG BOYS. And I can't wait! A woman HAM. A REAL woman who has a husband, cooks dinner, and visits her mother, is gonna be on air!!!

Take my word for it, Trish is gonna be able to fry the bacon with one hand, and tune with the other, AND she has the room for a giant loop, if she wants one!

I personally KNOW that she's been working hard on this every step of the way. (And I've tried my best to encourage her.) She became seriously interested on getting on air about a year ago AFTER her fateful (and painful) trip to Pahrump! (Just as I decided, as a SWL, to add a woman's 'two cents' to the 'group' via the net!).

Then (like myself), the Hens and the BCW list banned her (Stupid people! Wonder if they're gonna want her BACK now???). All this (after the pain of it), just fueled her DETERMINATION, and look where she IS now!!!

Hopefully, soon, we'll be hearing a feminine voice among the masculine. And a woman's point of view on all the issues. And a woman's hand to 'rock the cradle' of all those 'baby' male egos currently on air! And finally, some estrogen to freshen the 'locker room' air!

Move over guys! Make room for the women!!! We gotcha covered!

Trish! I'm so very proud of ya!!!




Jim said...

Congrats to Trish. She should really be proud of that accomplishment.
Concerning this latest grudge report......I am disappointed that the "fuel on the fire" continues to be dispensed in the form of degrading name-calling such as "Hens" and "stupid people" etc. I quote directly from this last Grudge report. Let's move past this chapter (been there.....done that).....Christ it's been over a year. I don't speak on behalf of the people who run these forums and groups but they all have their personalities just as this one does. I can say that they have moved on to other topics and do no re-visit this. That is not to say that they have forgotten this. They have just moved on - that's life. By continually name-calling, you degrade those of us who associate with these groups or lists (of which I do). I personally don't have a problem with this group, or BCW, or MidnightHams. I associate more or less with all of them. I don't care for all of the people who associate - all of the time......but the overall mission of each group is a positive contribution to ham radio in my opinion. I leave it at that.
I like the grudge report here because it attacks current happenings or bad behaviors or whatever is happening in the NOW. I also appreciate Evvy's writing style. Having said that, let's get past what happened over a year ago. All have learned from it (I hope) - they can't change it (I know)....and frankly it's a dead horse now rode into the ground (for damn sure).
I personally welcome Trish into the fold of ham radio operators with voice privileges on HF. I hope she feels welcome to talk to me whether I am talking to the group from midnight hams or the group on 3840 or some other group I may choose to investigate.

73 Jim N7JS

evvy said...


Though I strongly disagree with much of your assessment (Except for being proud of Trish, and that you appreciate my writing. LOL); I commend you for taking the time to post a reply. And thank you accordingly! The whole point of a 'blog' is that it's 'interactive'!

But must tell you, that the events and groups that you mentioned, are NOT in my past, and never will be. (I have no doubt they are in your past, over and done with. You had no personal consequences from those events.)

No, those 'horses' aren't dead. To the contrary, those old nags still cause me (& others!) continuous saddle sores, causing much pain in that area. Today, tomorrow, next week, I am still 'banned' from both the BCW list and the Hen's forum. (And wouldn't rejoin if the invitation were sent engraved on a very large silver platter. Mostly because I've learned they are not the kind of folks I'd care to associate with.)

By the judgmental (and with a definite lack of foresight I may add) actions of the Hens and Ben Gardner, I now know WHO my friends and foes are. (Actually, every person should be so lucky; it makes life a lot easier!) It is a wisdom I carry as a part of myself daily. Though occurring more than a year or more ago, they are a part of my HAM history, and affect my life TODAY. And have affected my OPINIONS of the people involved forever.

As far as 'name-calling', those 'names' came out of the multiple conversations of a LOT of folks, sadly, many of those names were well 'earned'. Unfortunately, I can't 'claim' them (or I would!). They are commonly used amongst many. As are/were: SteveO, King George, Squire of Burbank, Psycho Steve, The voice of Reason, and The Woodshed. Derogatory or Descriptive? Guess it really all depends on your point of view...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim (N7JS),

You got to be KIDDING ???

As you brought the subject up, I feel compelled to file a rebuttal. This should be no surprise ! Perhaps this is what is wanted. So be it.

First, Evvy’s site is wide open ! It is not hidden or restricted ! More specifically it does not discriminate as to viewers or those that want to participate. The only condition would be if someone did something that would cause Evvy to lose her Yahoo site based on Yahoo’s guide lines, not hers. This is not the case with the BCW or MidnightHens !!!

By the way, I do not have a problem with a group being private or restricted, particularly if it started out that way. But to change the status based on less then honorable reasons are, well, just dishonest.

Of the two, at least the MidnightHens had the “Balls” (well symbolically anyway) to be honest and not spin a yarn as to their position of restricting people, I can respect that. The BCW is another case all together. It is governed by a JADED, maladjusted and maligned morality. I lost respect for the BCW when an unconvincing and improbable “lie” was put forth for the removal of individuals from the BCW. The problem with a “lie” is that it is hard to keep the obfuscation straight, and such was the case with the BCW.

Second, regarding the “degrading name-calling” as you put it. Perhaps the MidnightHens may have moved on from the issue a year ago, good for them ! Did they learn anything ? Well, that is yet to be determined. Have they participated in name-calling ? Yes ! More important, have they participated in the deliberate act of character assassination ? Yes ! This is far worse then just name-calling. The BCW does both name-calling and character assassination. Often it is carried out with deliberate malice and aforethought. Far, far worse then a person’s OPEN editorial view of current events.

Third, the “stupid people” comment. I hate to say it, BUT, there are a lot of stupid people running around. Serious lack of common sense, simple logic and general education are rampant. The problem with our school system is the inability to administer appropriate discipline (on campus), including holding back those with failing grades. The greatest incentive is peer pressure. Just passing kids through the system, which should have been held back, is a very large disservice to the community as a whole, not just the kid. Of course the level of truly dumb teachers is quite high as well.

Society already has suffered because of it. Just look at the level of English being used and written and not just on the Internet. Simple math ? Pay attention to the inability of store clerks to make change unless the register tells them how much. And the lack of understanding in basic scientific concepts is astronomical ! Just look at all those that believe what they hear on certain radio shows. Plain, old snake oil and double talk from people that have less then qualified backgrounds.

Amateur radio has suffered from this increasing general stupidity. In the distant past, those attracted to the hobby had a sincere interest in learning the technical aspects and the “art” of communications. Unfortunately, that is no longer true.

Fourth, your statement “. . . but the overall mission of each group is a positive contribution to ham radio in my opinion” is certainly debatable. Actually, for a full accounting, there are five (5) separate, distinct groups that need to be included in the analysis. Of the five groups, only one can claim to have been started with Amateur radio as its’ impetus. The other four do not fall into that category.

The first (1st) group existed for the total and complete adulation of Art Bell. By the way, Art Bell still goes there. Besides the commercial show, this group also listened to Art Bell on Amateur radio. Amateur operators who frequented this group caused a quasi-relationship to come about where a portion of the site dealt with Amateur radio. As this group was really oriented in a very non Amateur radio way, the time for parting ways soon came about.

The second (2nd) group was spawned with the clear intent to support those who directly communicated over Amateur radio and provide a means for the “SWL” faction to interface and ask questions. The “SWL” aspect is a direct consequence of Art Bell’s efforts. However, the primary kingpin for this group was not Art Bell, although many probably came there because of Art. As politics would have it, this group, while still existing, fell out of favor and is very little used.

From the second (2nd) was spawned the third (3rd) group, BCW. Actually this particular group should be labeled as group 2 ½ and is primarily the effort of one person who provides the “office” services for Art Bell. This effort was really a private mailing list of a very small group of selected individuals. As more and more people were included, it went to a regular email listing service to lighten the burden of a single individual. This group’s purpose was totally not in support of a “general contribution” to Amateur radio as one would take that to mean. The purpose of this group is to pass messages that are not necessarily appropriate for Amateur radio. This includes any denigrated commentary that may apply to those not favored by the selected group.

The then fourth (4th) group (MidnightHens) came into being due, primarily, to additional political differences with group one (1). Mostly, this is an amateur-related site but having its roots in the adulation business. The MidnightHens group comes closer to fitting your statement. In a general way they started out with such a lofty ideal. However, having participated in the above enumerated issues, certainly takes them out of the class your statement.

Evvy’s group is the fifth (5th) in the series. It was started independently and only loosely correlates with the above lineage. It does not claim to exist for the purpose of enhancing or furthering Amateur radio per se. It is in existence for the enjoyment of those participating as a form of communication between a diverse group of people and not just Amateur operators. Evvy’s group was also started because of the adulation business.

So out of the five (5) groups, only one was truly started with the clear intent and purpose to contribute, generally, to Amateur radio. Do these groups contribute to the furtherance of Amateur radio ? You could say that MidnightHens would appear to be somewhat. But in running a closed group and censuring the subject matter certainly sends the wrong message. It wrongly reenforces the negative thought of “not done here.” Therefore, for all groups, I would have to say not in the way the phrase is meant to be understood.


Anonymous said...


Kudos to you! You have provided an excellent history lesson. Why am I not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Trhish's endeavors towards an op license only demonstrate the lengths a stalker will go to get to their target.

evvy said...

I feel I need to 'clarify' on my comment 'stupid people'.

It is my personal OPINION; and I AM entitled to my OPINIONS.

My OPINION regarding the STUPID PEOPLE in question came about through direct, personal interactions and observation.

I will continue to hold that specific opinion till circumstances, and actions, prove otherwise to me...

FROM Houghton Mifflin eReference Dictionary STUPID: adj. stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.

4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.

5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.

A stupid or foolish person.

evvy said...

>Trhish's endeavors towards an op license only demonstrate the lengths a stalker will go to get to their target.

A perfect example of a 'stupid' person!! Right here on the 3840HamFans Blog!!!

This person not only can't spell, but can't take the time to 'edit' their own messages!

A coward also, to attack someone behind an 'anon' nick!!!

So now we have a 'stupid person' who is also a coward...

Jim said...

Hi All,
I've read the rebuttals and of course I respect your rights to your opinions. I can also appreciate some points in the dissertation from Bill. In fact, his synopsis of "stupid people" is very accurate and in-line with the problems in society. I also am discouraged with the lack of technical merit and accomplishment that is all but non-existent in many ham radio operators today. That doesn't mean I go about society (or ham radio) in a mean spirited way because I have higher education or a high income or a greater grasp of technical knowledge. I will instead try to use that to possibly benefit others at times.
I don't want to get into a debate over clarification of my statements, so let me approach it from another angle. Maybe you can appreciate this – maybe you can’t.
I have a certain inclination to try to be a peacemaker or at least see if some positive can come out of a bad situation. (That doesn't mean people should mistake my kindness for weakness.) Why? Because hate and discontent (and yes that includes name-calling or belittling) only lead to more hate and discontent. Calling people stupid or hens or jackasses or whatever only serves to create a point of de-humanization. So when people keep rehashing a bad situation - it only festers and feeds a worthless sore. It doesn't accomplish anything. I couldn't own and run a company with many employees if I engaged in a continual rehash of bad behavior or de-humanizing as I saw it. I let them know about it - and then they don't hear about it again. I have to continually try to take it to a higher sense in order for the whole. I understand that is completely idealistic and unrealistic in this case. Hence, this is probably a futile exercise in verbosity.
I also understand the thrill behind the need to continue a re-hash of old sores, etc. I understand the rush of controversy. 75 meters is full of it. Our lives are full of it. It's like watching a soap opera or Jerry Springer. Somehow it gives us a little feeling or a little comfort or even a little adrenaline rush. All the more powerful if we are discontented or empty ourselves.
Anyway - this isn't going to change anything other than cause more postings then any other grudge report I'm sure. That's basic psychology. We've made our points – maybe even to our own satisfaction. Let's move on.

73 Jim N7JS

P.S. Don't ban me from this list now. (Humor of course)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim N7JS,

My original response to you was done without the benefit of reading the “Trish” Grudge editorial written by Evvy. I was merely responding to your displeasure.

I finally read the Grudge editorial. By far, the comments you were addressing can only be classified as extremely mild, almost imperceptible and hardly worth mentioning. From your level of displeasure, I had thought some really distasteful, terrible stuff was written.

I must say that, in contrast, if my treatise had been written first, then your level of displeasure would have been more appropriate. However, as Evvy’s highly brief and subdued comments are relevant to current events and the past has a direct bearing on those events, I do not see the basis for your level of displeasure. Likewise, my treatise was written to cover the facts and the lineage of the parties involved. It was not written to incite or belittle, but to merely cover the pertinent facts.

I, equally, am not interested in debating any clarification, but let me make this point. Evvy’s one paragraph in question does not appear to be stated in any “mean spirited” manner. Nor was it a rehash, as that would entail writing the whole story. That short paragraph was, just simply put, a reflection of known facts and their relevance to current events. Clearly, it is just a recognition of the inspiration for the final event.

Dehumanizing ? I don’t think so because it is relevant to the reason for the event. If it was said out of hand and not relevant then I would agree. While I concur with your basic premise on the matter, I think it would have been taken for its merit and quietly left at that. Unfortunately, your inclination to be a “peacemaker” shifted the focus of the editorial.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jim N7JS

Midnight Hams is a good group to meet some of the people. Just because you and a few others had a falling out it doesn't constitute you bashing those who join the group. At least the Midnight Hams doesn't bad mouth certain people like you do. At least it is a friendly place to talk about things besides hearing bickering.I check into the group and joke with the members on saturdays and we talk about all kinds of things.

Maybe some of the people don't check into the 3840 Group because some the assholes run decent people off. You sure have a lot of guts to bash people when you aren't even licensed.

Midnight Hams is a forum who welcomes the General and Higher Classes. The General Class Operators can't get on 3840.They may not get to talk to people like Art Bell, but they get to talk to friendly people who encourage people to upgrade.

Trish Great job on passing the General Exam. Upgrading to General has opened you to a different world outside of 2 Meters and UHF.

evvy said...

HOW can anyone take your comments seriously when YOU don't think enough of them to add your name and 'claim' 'em???? I sure don't. LOL

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know this was here until someone told me that they just couldn't believe I haven't responded to all the negative insults about me......and said I should go see.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Has the mere mention of my name caused such a reaction here? Tho, I really don't have time to deal with this, and would have prefered to be kept in the dark about it. Hopefully this will end any and all speculation as to where I stand and who I am once and for all.

The past IS over, what was done , was done.....there's nothing you can do to change it.......why not let sleeping dogs sleep? why dig up old dry bones? .......

Honestly, I wish I had not been told that this was even brought up again...Why was it brought up anyway? Did the opening blog have anything to do with that really? I guess though it looks like some are still holding grudges against certain people .........I am not. I don't give a rat's patute' about that stuff. And the truth is, I was not in the least motivated to upgrade due to anything that's happened in the past. This is way more than that kind of thing.

It has been over a year now, and when my husband went to take the first test, I went along with him, and took the general written at the same time just on a lark, to see if I could pass it, to my surprise I did....and of course you have to pay to take it. If over a years time goes by without passing code, then you have to take it all over. So the clock was counting down and I was faced with the possibility of losing the credit I had for the test I had already passed if I didn't take the code, so that was the motivation...plain and simple...

I just want to enjoy this remarkable hobby. Anyone who is a ham knows the thrill of making contact with people. Does that ever go away? Have some of you forgotten that? Maybe you need to be more active if so. I already contacted people with my new radio in Ohio and West Virginia, and that's just the radio (and antenna I put up myself, I've got scratches and cuts from trees on my arms and hands from doing that too, I might add)LOL> no amp, or nothing. It is thrilling and exciting and I love it scrapes and all. To hear someone say, "hey you are coming in real strong here," was music to my ears ......Ham radio is way more than some are making it out to be here.

To those who hold hidden agenda's and long time ill feelings , that's something they will have to live with, and I am no part of that. Maybe I'm a bit nieve, but I don't see why everyone can't get along. It is pretty plain to see that there are more than a few who ARE nursing old wounds and holding grudges. Why do you want to do that? Some are just dying to bring up the past......what purpose does it serve? Come on, Some things that have happened are not fair, sure enough, but most of it had to do with message boards misunderstandings, people out to get other people and groups and the internet....Hummm...... Makes you wonder huh? But, Some good has come out of mixing ham radio and the internet , though......So I suppose we have to take the good with the bad, crazy and ugly.

I receive no joy in rehashing bad times. I choose to believe the best in people no matter what the situation may look like on the outside. I guess that could be a curse or a blessing, depending on your point of view. I've always tried to be friends with everyone. I realize that it doesn't make some people happy that I feel this way...I'm sorry.... But the fact is, ham radio doesn't need these sideline cyber controversies to be popular....Just the pure thrill of it experiencing it....the joy of accomplishing something.......a enough....that's the way I see it. That's the reason I'm doing it. This hobby is positively too exciting to be negative. And I now as always, look forward to promoting ham radio in a respectful light and will be talking to each and everyone I can.


Jim said...

You summed it up Trish. I was trying to go along the same lines - but for the most part it just got reaction rather than affirmation. It's much better to hear it from you.
Jim N7JS

Anonymous said...

Trish Wrote:
Anyone who is a ham knows the thrill of making contact with people. Does that ever go away? Have some of you forgotten that? Maybe you need to be more active if so. I already contacted people with my new radio in Ohio and West Virginia, and that's just the radio (and antenna I put up myself, I've got scratches and cuts from trees on my arms and hands from doing that too, I might add)LOL> no amp, or nothing. It is thrilling and exciting and I love it scrapes and all. To hear someone say, "hey you are coming in real strong here," was music to my ears ......Ham radio is way more than some are making it out to be here.


Congratulations Trish !! First on upgrading to general. Second on the above statement. You got it! Some people never do. I can tell you have been bitten by the Ham radio bug. The thrill of making contacts for some of us never goes away. I have been a ham for 30 years and I still love to call or answer a CQ . Never know what ya might get.. I hope to hear you on the airwaves.

Mark K6FEJ


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